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5 Questions to Ask When Attending a Digital Signage Expo

April 20, 2017

5 Questions to Ask When Attending a Digital Signage Expo

From Digital Signage Expo to InfoComm and all the events in between, the digital signage industry is chock-full of conferences and other events that can be enormously beneficial to value-added resellers (VARs). However, these super-sized tradeshows can seem daunting to VARs who are new to the digital signage world. Many might not know where to begin.

Never fear. Each large-scale digital signage event is designed, at least in part, with VARs in mind. And if you approach these events the right way, they can be hugely beneficial for your business.

When you are getting ready to attend your first digital signage event, keep these five questions in mind:

1. What do I want to get out of this event?

Is your goal to learn more about new technologies, make some connections with vendors, attend educational sessions or maybe all of the above? Depending on how well-established your digital signage business is, your answer might vary greatly.

2. What are my top priorities?

A digital signage expo is a flurry of activity, and there is often too much to see in just a few days. Whatever your goal, go into the event with a list of your top priorities in mind. This might be to attend three new educational sessions, or sit down with five manufacturers. Having a few concrete priorities will help you to stay focused and make the most of your time.

3. What vendors suit my needs?

Before the show, make a list of vendors whose booths you want to visit. Look for providers of technology that seems to fit your business needs. If possible, reach out to them beforehand to set up an official meeting.

Not sure where to begin? Consider meeting with a technology distributor during the show. They can help recommend specific vendors that will meet your business plan.

4. What trends have enough staying power to incorporate into my offering?

At InfoComm and Digital Signage Expo, the best and most innovative new products are on display. Some of the newest trends might be a flash in the pan, but others have real staying power.

Take the time to walk the show floor and experience the latest and greatest. Ask questions and take notes, and consider which technologies might have a lasting impact on the industry. Something that is new today might be your business’ bread and butter in a few short years.

5. How can I take this opportunity to market my digital signage business?

Plenty of potential customers attend industry tradeshows, and these events often represent a good opportunity to market your services. Be ready to connect with potential customers; have plenty of business cards on hand, and consider printing up brochures that explain your services.

Once your digital signage business is more well-established, consider renting space at regional or even national events. Conferences and tradeshows can be a great way to get yourself in front of your customer base.

What other issues are at the top of your mind when attending a digital signage expo? What advice do you have for someone attending his or her first show?