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5 Perks of Working with Pro AV/Digital Signage Distributors

February 10, 2017

5 Perks of Working with Pro AV/Digital Signage Distributors

A quick Google search for pro AV/digital signage distributors brings up hundreds—if not thousands—of options. It’s clear that technology distributors have come to play a key role in today’s pro AV industry, with value-added resellers (VARs) of all sizes relying on their partners for a wide range of services and support programs.

If you’re new to the pro AV and digital signage space, you may be questioning whether or not your business would benefit from a distributor partnership. In order to find out whether you should look for a partner or go it alone, consider these five perks of working with a pro AV and digital signage distributor:

1.  Access to leading technology

One of the key roles of a technology distributor is serving as the pipeline between VARs and the industry’s leading manufacturers. For smaller and new VARs, partnering with a distributor provides reliable access to even the largest vendors, as well as procurement assistance in order to ensure that you benefit from competitive pricing and reasonable shipping times. These perks could be a make-or-break factor for many VARs.

2. Ongoing technology training

Even if you’re new to this particular market, you likely already have a good working knowledge of pro AV and digital signage systems. However, because the industry evolves quickly, it is also helpful to brush up on your training and to learn about new innovations fairly regularly.

Most technology distributors offer ongoing technology training for VARs, and some even include larger end users in their courses. Any distributor partner wants to ensure that its VARs fully understand their technology, so they have a vested interest in providing high-quality training. The more familiar you are with a given device, the more effective you will be in selling, installing, and servicing it.

3. Help with system design

Another way that distributors help VARs ensure project success is through system design help. This is particularly useful on larger, more complex pro AV and digital signage installs or with installs that require the use of new technologies.

4. Marketing expertise

Today, many distributors loop their VAR partners in on their marketing efforts, which can really help you get your business’s name out there. If your company could benefit from greater marketing expertise, look for a distributor that provides perks such as branded flyers, Web pages, white papers, videos, and brochures. This can help give your business a more established, professional appearance and greatly increase its reach to potential customers.

5. A bird’s-eye view of the industry

For smaller VARs, it can be difficult to keep up with industry news and trends while also manning the day-to-day demands of your business. However, a well-established distributor can help you gain a broader understanding of the direction of the industry, as well as new and emerging trends and innovations.

Look for a partner that has strong connections with leading pro AV and digital signage manufacturers and is involved in industry events and organizations. You stand to benefit greatly from their understanding of and experience in the market, both now and as the technology continues its rapid evolution.

What are your thoughts on the VAR–distributor system? Do you believe a partner would help benefit your business?