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5 Opportunities to Upsell Professional Audio Video Solutions

January 29, 2017

5 Opportunities to Upsell Professional Audio Video Solutions

For value-added resellers, professional audio/visual communications technologies represent an exciting business opportunity, both today and into the future. The use of ProAV systems is growing steadily in many different industries. Your opportunity lies in identifying which of your customers can benefit from these professional technologies, and making the most of each installation.

ProAV in Demand

Your ProAV customers will likely come from a wide range of verticals, including enterprise business, government, events and sports venues, healthcare, education and more. ProAV is unique in that it can offer something different – and valuable – to each customer.

With today’s incredible array of ProAV technologies, your customers’ installations are only limited by their imagination and, of course, budget. With such a rich product offering to draw from, opportunities to upsell each customer are everywhere.

Upselling ProAV

Most customers’ ProAV installations will be unique, giving you plenty of upselling prospects. Consider the following common opportunities:

1. Expanding an existing system

Once one of your customers has invested in a ProAV system, it’s often easy to show them the benefits of expanding it over the years. For example, a large church might already use large screens and projectors to display video of each service, with accompanying audio played throughout the facility. However, they might also like to add screens and projectors for projecting Scripture passages, sermon notes and song lyrics in order to enhance the attendee experience.

2. Incorporating sound and music

Facilities such as corporate offices, conference centers and event venues can greatly benefit from whole-house audio capabilities. Many of these customers may already have speaker systems, but incorporating a ProAV system can take them to the next level of communication with integrated audio that can be used for announcements, advertising, music and more.

3. Adding video conferencing capabilities

From a facility’s existing projectors, web cameras and flat-panel monitors, it’s just a small leap to video conferencing. Educational facilities especially are poised to benefit from the remote communication capabilities offered by video, and many already have the required hardware to make it happen. By explaining the benefits, strong return on investment and revenue opportunities of video conferencing, you’ll likely find many customers who are willing to add it to their ProAV network.

4. Optimizing digital signage

Do your customers already utilize digital menu boards or digital signage for advertising to and communicating with clients? The impact of their signage could be even greater by leveraging professional audio alongside it. For example, a restaurant’s digital menus could incorporate exciting music or the mouthwatering sounds of featured dishes being prepared. Or, a retail shop could tie in branded video with audio announcements and ads.

5. Enhancing a location’s look and feel

Restaurants and retailers may not think that ProAV would be the best fit for them. However, projected video, full-facility sound systems and unique lighting can make an otherwise unimpressive location more exciting and energetic, prompting consumers to return time and time again. Be sure your digital signage customers in the retail and hospitality markets understand the potential of ProAV for their locations. If they are willing to invest in the sleek look of digital signage, they’ll likely be open to the benefits of ProAV.

Have you had success in upselling ProAV technology to your customers? What market segment would you say is the most receptive to ProAV add-ons?