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5 Interactive Digital Signage Products That Will Close Out 2015

August 12, 2017

5 Interactive Digital Signage Products That Will Close Out 2015

When it comes to digital signage, this year is all about interactive. A growing percentage of consumers have become reliant upon using their own interactive tech on a day-to-day basis. So it’s no surprise that they have come to expect it when they’re at work and play.

For your customers, the growth of interactive digital signage signals a new opportunity to engage with consumers on a deeper level. And as the technology continues to evolve, those opportunities will only grow.

But let’s stick with 2015. Here are five exciting interactive digital signage products that will close out the year:

1. Small-scale interactivity.

Not every digital signage project has to include a giant screen or video wall. Today many of your customers may benefit from small-scale interactive devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and tabletop touchscreens.

Why? These devices can enable many unique capabilities for a wide range of pro AV customers. For example, retailers can use tablets for faster, on-the-spot checkout and tabletop digital signage for product browsing. And healthcare facilities can install small touchscreens in waiting areas for infotainment and patient updates. Although much of the digital signage industry is focused on large-scale displays, always remember to consider how smaller devices can supplement an installation.

2. Interactive proximity marketing.

Digital displays are getting smarter; now a growing number of digital signs can market to customers depending on their shopping habits and demographics and other factors. And this year, interactive technology is taking proximity selling to a new level.

Both indoor and outdoor digital signage can provide targeted content to specific customers as they walk into or drive up to a store. (One manufacturer is even working on a “Wi-Fi poster” that sends exclusive content to consumers as soon as they are within a few feet of a digital sign.) Businesses now can promote relevant loyalty clubs, sales, and promotions using LED signage. They can even push coupons, messages, and invitations to consumers’ smartphones, encouraging them to keep up the interaction.

3. Instant “social” sharing.

Although social media integration is already an exciting feature of many interactive displays, this year manufacturers are taking it a step further. New interactive screens allow the end user to scroll through vast amounts of content—such as videos, photos, or audio files—and then instantly transfer selected files to their mobile phones using Wi-Fi. One display boasts the ability to transfer up to 2GB of video in two minutes—wirelessly. This capability could redefine how many end users shop for digital movies, music, and other content.

4. Curved touch sensors.

New concave and convex touchscreen displays have been popular features at trade shows this year—and with good reason. Like consumer-grade “curved” TVs, these new displays definitely have a wow factor, encouraging the user to be even more immersed in the content. Expect concave and convex touchscreens to start drawing the attention of your customers in the retail, entertainment, and hospitality verticals over the next few years.

5. Interactive 4K or Ultra HD displays.

As 4K and Ultra HD screens become increasingly mainstream, new interactive touch capabilities are being added to many brands, especially in large-scale video wall formats. This is enabling end users to benefit from ultra-large displays that offer the best resolution currently available. These screens are ideal for environments such as specialty retail and flagship locations, higher education and healthcare campuses, entertainment venues, and museums.

What are some of the other interesting trends you’ve seen this year in interactive digital signage?