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5 Examples of Professional Audio Video in Restaurant

January 15, 2017

5 Examples of Professional Audio Video in Restaurant

There are nearly 1 million restaurant locations in the United States, according to the National Restaurant Association, and more are opening every day. With so much competition out there, restaurant owners and operators are getting increasingly creative to attract customers and to keep them coming back for more.

In addition to delicious food and great service, a fun, entertaining atmosphere is a must-have at many modern restaurants. A professional audio/video system can help to enhance the dining experience, while also promoting specials and helping increase sales.

From sports bars to family restaurants, there are many ways in which ProAV can be used in a restaurant. Let’s take a look at a few examples that have become increasingly popular:

1. Restaurant-wide audio and video.

The most popular application for ProAV in the restaurant setting is audio, which helps to set the mood of a restaurant and add to its entertainment appeal. Many locations also add TV screens and accompanying audio to provide guests with the chance to watch sports games, music videos and more. Some restaurants limit the use of video to the bar area only; however, a growing number of companies have seen success in using video and accompanying audio throughout the restaurant. Today’s restaurants require high-quality surround sound and HD video – because that’s what customers expect. A professional AV system with crystal clear sound quality and video will help to set a restaurant apart.

2. Special event rooms.

Restaurants can build a fantastic revenue from special events alone. With the right AV equipment, a restaurant can attract customers for corporate events, birthday parties, wedding receptions and more. These types of customers often request a separate audio and sound system, projectors and special lighting in order to make their event unique.

3. Automated lighting and audio controls.

A growing number of restaurants are integrating their lighting and audio controls into their ProAV system in order to automatically adjust the lighting and music levels as needed throughout the day. For example, a restaurant might want the lights dimmed every day at 7:00 p.m. and the music level increased at 9:00 p.m. as customers move to the dance floor. This type of automation not only helps to set the right tone throughout the day; it can also save a restaurant money in unnecessary energy bills.

4. Personal screens at every table.

Some restaurants and sports bars take entertainment to the next level with individual screens at each booth or table. This type of location requires a specially-planned ProAV system so that each customer can easily operate his or her TV and clearly hear the audio without disturbing other patrons.

5. Interactive video.

Restaurants are also embracing the interactive opportunities of ProAV systems. For example, video and images can be captured and projected on a screen in real-time throughout a restaurant. Or, the restaurant can create an interactive dance floor using images projected on the floor by ceiling-mounted projectors. Consumers are drawn to interactive technology, so expect to see this trend catching on even more in the restaurant industry.

As a value-added reseller in the ProAV space, you have an opportunity to create new and ongoing revenue by appealing to the restaurant industry. Feel free to get creative with AV technology; these days, restaurant owners are excited to be able to offer customers something entirely new.

What has been your experience with ProAV in the restaurant industry? Have you encountered many end users who are interested in technology that goes beyond the typical audio and video installations?