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5 Benefits of Digital Signage in Organizational Communication

November 23, 2017

5 Benefits of Digital Signage in Organizational Communication

Organizational communication in its broadest sense uses various methods for corporate management to convey policies, guidelines and other information to employees, vendors and other stakeholders in the enterprise.

In recent times, this meant sending out interoffice memos, posting information on company billboards and sending out email. Lately, though, corporations are taking notice of the benefits of digital signage in sectors like the retail vertical and are adopting the medium for use in the office. This shift is largely due to the rising influence of IT managers on AV purchase decisions.

A recent survey of 500 corporate end users indicated that 28 percent are using display products outside of meeting rooms and that the number is rising. For value-added resellers, this trend could result in new opportunities in terms of increased sales of digital signage solutions to this growing market vertical.  

Consider these five benefits:

1. Digital Signage Is Scalable and Flexible

As digital signage hardware becomes more affordable and scalable, it’s attractiveness to corporate IT managers and other decision-makers increases.

For example, adding screens in multiple locations to receive video streams or other content on IP-based networks can be as simple as adding an additional Ethernet switch to existing infrastructure.

And the fact that prosumer-grade 4K displays can now be had in the $500 range makes it more likely that digital signage solutions in the corporate space will become more prevalent.

2. Supports Company Branding Initiatives

There’s no doubt that digital signage is a great way to communicate a company's important announcements to employees, but it doesn’t stop there.

Digital signage can be a useful tool to solicit employee feedback before expensive branding campaigns go live.

As long as feedback can be offered anonymously, much like the old employee suggestion box, there’s the potential for important analytics to be gleaned by using digital signage as part of the initial stages of a branding campaign.

3. Helps Reach out to Millennials

There are about 80 million Millennials in the United States today. Of those, 53.5 million make up more than one-third of the U.S. labor force.

Millennials are generally regarded as well-educated and tech-savvy. Having grown up with digital devices and being heavy users of social media platforms, directing digital signage communications toward this group in the workplace can be highly effective, as it’s more likely to be paid attention to than other media.

4. Boosts Morale

Digital signage as a way of recognizing employee contributions, milestones and achievements in the workplace is an excellent way to encourage, inspire and boost employee morale. It’s also unlikely to be ignored, which could happen with email that winds up in someone’s spam folder.

Digital signage can be used to announce your staff's certifications, achievements and awards. It can also be used to put up testimonials from satisfied patients, press releases or positive website reviews from Internet sources such as Google or Facebook.

Of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition, 46 percent of senior managers view it as an investment rather than an expense.

5. Safety and Training

Many companies still post safety warnings in break rooms or other areas where visibility may be limited to select employees.

A company-wide digital signage system can be highly effective in flashing emergency alerts and reminding employees of important safety concerns with broader reach and without being too obtrusive.

Digital signage can also be a great way to inform staff of upcoming training classes or other opportunities that may be needed to advance their careers.

Likewise, job postings don’t have to be buried within the company website. Internal postings communicated via digital signage encourage employees to remain alert for openings they may be qualified for.

As organizational communication evolves, digital signage has become more and more relevant and has become a beneficial solution aiding corporate growth in a meaningful way.