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4 New Pro AV Trends from Around the Globe

December 09, 2017

4 New Pro AV Trends from Around the Globe

Pro AV technology is growing rapidly around the world, with no signs of slowing down. In the U.S., we seem to encounter projector systems, whole-house audio, video walls and other digital displays everywhere we go. But have you ever wondered what pro AV trends are taking hold in other countries?

Take a look at these four exciting pro AV trends from around the globe:

1. “Smart guestrooms” in hotels

Automation and control systems are growing in popularity around the globe, and many organizations are starting to incorporate these capabilities to better serve their customers.

In South Korea, the Grand Ambassador Seoul hotel has incorporated hospitality display technologies to provide guests with a true “smart guestroom” experience. Each room’s TV is now a technology hub that controls the guest experience while also improving the hotel’s energy efficiency by an incredible 30 percent. The system runs on a centralized room management solution and uses Internet of Things–enabled sensors and devices for unmatched connectivity and reactivity.

Guests can control air conditioning, lights and drapes; submit housekeeping requests; order room service; and more, all through their TV. In-room motion sensors turn systems on or off, depending on when the guests arrive or leave. And personalized messages greet new guests as they walk into the room, making each individual feel like a VIP.

2. 4K movie theaters

In Taiwan, high-end movie theaters are always looking for ways to outshine the competition. In 2016, that involved incorporating 4K projection technology to create the best cinema experience possible.

Vie Show Cinemas selected 4K projectors for its newest theater in New Taipei City. The devices offer high-contrast picture and razor-sharp images on the theater’s giant screens, which creates an ultra-realistic experience for moviegoers. Customers are especially pleased with 4K for action movies, where the high frame rate and crisp resolution of 4K create an unbelievable picture.

3. Global classrooms

In countries around the globe, schools of all kinds are investing in commercial AV technology to better connect to students, leverage the power of remote learning and instruction, experience faraway places and more.

For example, at Pymble Ladies’ College in Sydney, Australia, projector systems are installed in lecture halls to allow students and teachers to instantly connect to experts, professors and other schools around the world. They can also take virtual tours of landmarks and museums in other countries.

Throughout the campus, digital signage displays important messages and alerts to students. The school’s principal regularly creates quick video messages that are then broadcast to all staff and students.

4. Supersized screens

Another global AV trend mirrors what is happening in the U.S.: Digital displays are growing increasingly large and eye-catching. Whether these installations are creating jaw-dropping displays at science museums or creating an unforgettable ambiance at a music festival, customers are looking for bigger and better with every passing year.

Consider the new LED baseball scoreboard at the Incheon SK Happy Dream Park in Incheon, South Korea. Currently the world’s largest LED baseball scoreboard, the display is 210 feet long and 59 feet high and features an astonishing 16,320 LED modules. It offers a resolution of 3,840 x 1,080, giving fans an incredibly realistic view of every play.

As the prices of LED and LCD screens continue to trend downward, customers in every corner of the globe are going to seek out bigger and more impactful displays. And as these trends take hold in the U.S. and abroad, we can’t wait to see what solution providers will come up with next.