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4 digital signage predictions for 2018

January 10, 2017

4 digital signage predictions for 2018

 Let’s just skip to the punchline: digital signage is an exciting industry laden with opportunity. If you’re already a solution provider working in this space, 2018 should be a fun year for you. If you’re not currently working in this pro AV segment, it’s time to get involved. Here are 4 of the primary reasons we’re predicting 2018 to be a breakout year for digital signage.

1. Analytics takes off

Last year, we talked a lot about the value and importance of analytics in digital signage solutions. We expect analytics to play an even larger role this year as customers in all verticals have started looking for more out of their investments. Solution providers should no longer assume that customers will be happy with a screen and some content. Instead, customers want to know how many people are seeing their content, who those people are and what results the signage has had. Simply, customers want ROI out of their digital signage and analytics is the way to prove it—or improve it with adjustments to content.

2. Convergence will lead to new applications

We’re now seeing many CMS vendors reach a maturity level that allows them to add value by creating vertically specialized functionality through integrations with other technologies and systems. Today, many have begun adding integrations that increase the capabilities and uses of their system. For example, some have added physical security integrations that allow digital signage to become part of an emergency notification system.

As technologies throughout the enterprise gain higher levels of functionality as well as interoperability, digital signage solution providers should seek to capitalize by bringing these technologies together for more powerful signage solutions.

3. Increased video wall adoption

Last year, we also talked about the high level of interest in video walls. Thanks to the lowered cost of LED panels, improvements to the technology itself and businesses realizing the impact of the solutions, video walls have become the king of display solutions. In the coming year, we’ll see improved color accuracy, bezels getting thinner and indoor LEDs continuing to advance. As a result, we expect the video wall market to thrive.

4. 2018: Year of digital signage growth

Every report and analysis on the digital signage industry predict that it’s going to continue to grow. Solution providers who want to get involved can still get in on the opportunity. Despite being a technology that’s been around for a long time, it’s continued to evolve and improve and has never plateaued like you think it might. As further evidence of growth, the leading display and CMS vendors continue to sink R&D into their products resulting in better products that come to market faster than ever before.

To get started in digital signage or to make your existing practice more successful in 2018, contact your Ingram Micro representative today. We have technological, educational and financial resources available to help.