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3 Workplace Digital Signage Use Cases for Improved Corporate Communication

June 03, 2017

3 Workplace Digital Signage Use Cases for Improved Corporate Communication

As globalization increases, and companies expand their operations to various countries, digital signage assumes even greater importance in the global market. This trend has opened new doors for digital signage to be used in order to provide information to workforces distributed across multiple locations.

Old-guard methods of delivering corporate communication via poster boards, banners and other hard-copy notices, typically located in break rooms and other communal areas, are rapidly giving way to digital signage solutions that deliver timely information and leverage the benefits of this incredibly useful communication tool at the same time.

Some deployments are better than others, but let’s take a look at three of the better digital signage use cases for improving corporate communication.

1. Unilever, Thailand

When London-based consumer-goods giant Unilever realized that the majority of its employees were from Asian branches, it decided to set up a state-of-the-art regional branch in Bangkok, Thailand.

Included in construction plans was the integration of digital signage systems throughout the facility to support company communication initiatives across great distances and with multicultural considerations in mind.

A total of 23 digital media players and displays were installed to provide local news, announcements about meetings and other types of internal communication. The deployment greatly increased employee awareness of the more than 400 brands the company owns.

2. Randstad, USA

Over the last decade the Internet has changed the way people look for a job. Recruitment mega-agency Randstad realized this, but knew that finding the perfect match between a job and a candidate requires a more modern approach to attract today’s digitally wired workforce.

The solution was to install 350 screens across 140 locations, running dynamic content strategically placed to attract the attention of passersby. With the new solution, Randstad was able to modernize the approach to connecting employers with employees via content that communicates up-to-date job opportunities, features local jobs from top employers and allows passersby to follow up on jobs by using their smartphone to scan a QR code on the screen.

3. Monster.com, USA

Monster’s recent move to a new headquarters in Weston, Massachusetts, brought with it new challenges as far as making an immediate impression on visitors while at the same time providing information about the company’s processes and success rate for placing employees.

The solution was to install a multiscreen digital signage display in the lobby in the shape of an “X” that incorporates four 75-inch LED screens and a centered 95-inch LED screen. In addition, a 75-foot LED “ribbon” emerges from the center screen and wraps around three walls of the lobby.

This deployment produced several positive results:

  • It transformed the appearance of the space such that it was consistent with the Monster brand identity.
  • It paired digital signs with easily updated and controlled software, providing the company with flexibility and ease of system use.
  • The installation encouraged employee interaction and boosted overall efficiency.

Well-developed company cultures create positive changes across an organization, which is why digital signage for that purpose is becoming increasingly popular.

It’s a great tool for engaging employees and attracting their attention through dynamic real-time messaging while helping enterprises develop effective internal communication.

Have your corporate customers been inquiring about digital signage for internal communication lately?