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3 trends to look for at the Digital Signage Expo

March 05, 2018

3 trends to look for at the Digital Signage Expo

 Later this month, the pro AV industry will converge at the Las Vegas Convention Center for Digital Signage Expo. We urge you to consider attending this show to see for yourself the many ways enterprise audio and video are evolving. Whether you follow the event in person or virtually, here are a few trends we expect you’ll see.

  1. Display advancements—Of all the changes taking place in pro AV, display improvements will probably have the biggest impact on customers and their digital signage solutions. LCDs continue to get lighter and thinner, driven in part by advancements in the consumer space. Bezels also continue to shrink. Additionally, displays are brighter and clearer than ever.

On the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) front, manufacturers are creating lightweight and even bendable displays that can be hung on a wall with Velcro.

  1. Audio advancements—While beamforming microphone arrays have been around for a while, we’ve seen an improvement in capabilities and interest from customers. Beamforming technology uses an array of microphones and onboard computing logic to identify people in a conference room or on a stage and then adjust the gain and microphone coverage to provide the best sounding audio output no matter where they are in the room or if they move.

There have also been significant advancements with audio receivers. Whereas receivers used to be pure AV devices, some manufacturers are now including Ethernet ports to connect the receivers to the network. This allows the hardware to be serviced and adjusted remotely.

  1. Installation advancements—Many solution providers shy away from great opportunities such as video walls because, historically, they’ve been challenging to install. However, mount manufacturers have improved their solutions by leaps and bounds. Today, you’ll find mounting solutions that include self-leveling capabilities to ensure perfect alignment of the video array as well as features that allow displays to be easily serviced or replaced if needed.

Many displays also now include smart features that make setup of your digital signage easier. For example, calibrating a display’s color used to be an exhaustive process and can now be accomplished through automated wizards.

These are just a few of the trends that are reshaping our industry—and your business—in one way or the other. Without a doubt, there will be something announced at the show that shakes things up even more. If you want help in turning these advancements into opportunities rather than threats, we encourage you to visit the Ingram Micro booth (#2666) or contact our pro AV expert, Tom Jones.