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3 Pro AV Champions in the Financial Sector

September 15, 2017

3 Pro AV Champions in the Financial Sector

Pro AV is starting to really pick up momentum in the financial sector, as a growing number of banks and financial firms realize the potential that AV technology holds. In fact, industry analyst firm Deloitte forecasts the next two years to be a period of significant technology investment throughout the financial sector. Luckily for value-added resellers (VARs) like yourself, that will include pro AV technology.  

Already, a large number of financial organizations have adopted AV technology as a way to support their business efforts, improve customer service and more. Consider how these three financial institutions that have become pro AV champions within their industry:

1. State Street Corp.

State Street Corp. is a world leader in investment services and, in the last several years, has become one of the industry's true pro AV champions. When designing its new regional headquarters in Irvine, Calif., the company fully embraced AV technology to improve training of new employees, enable world-class videoconferences, and streamline and simplify communication as a whole. The organization’s large, multi-building campus features a wide range of AV devices, all of which integrate together to create one of the most comprehensive AV systems in the financial sector.

The AV solutions at State Street’s regional headquarters include the following:

  • Multiple videoconferencing rooms. Each includes a projector or digital display, access to video/computer sources, device control and environmental control (including lights and shades).
  • A high-tech executive boardroom, which includes a 16-foot rear projection screen, multiple plasma displays, an advanced camera system and a 40-foot boardroom table with special recessed microphones for AV teleconferences. The custom-built boardroom table also features pop-up outlets for laptop power and connectivity to the company’s AV systems and LAN.   
  • A cable TV distribution system, which supplies cable TV to the entire headquarters through CAT5 cable. The television feed is displayed on LCD displays located throughout the facility.

2. American Riviera Bank.

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif., American Riviera Bank wanted their corporate offices to be both sleek and highly functional. The forward-thinking company saw pro AV technology as a way to engage and entertain waiting clients, as well as collaborate and communicate with remote customers, employees and other executives. These pro AV champions turned to a pro AV reseller to provide the following technology:

  • A 61-inch recessed plasma screen to welcome guests and employees to the lobby. The display includes hidden controls for PC, as well as video and cable TV inputs.
  • An executive conference room videoconferencing system with video projection, a recessed electric screen, teleconferencing software and integrated audio. The entire system is controlled via an easy-to-use wall-mounted touchpad.

3. Jyske Bank.

As Denmark’s second largest independent bank, Jyske Bank has 125 branches located throughout the country. Recently, the organization revamped all of its branches in an attempt to improve customer service. The refresh included an extensive pro AV project, which incorporated the following technology into each location:

  • Large digital displays, which provide videos and interactive presentations to customers and employees. These aren’t only informative; they also add to the bank’s new atmosphere, which is designed to be more comfortable and inviting. All told, the network of screens includes 1,000 digital displays in the branches’ lobbies and 500 interactive plasma displays in their conference rooms. The result is a more welcoming, customer-friendly environment at Jyske Bank.
  • A building-wide sound system that includes amplifiers in the conference rooms and speakers in the lobby, meeting rooms, new “café” areas and restrooms

As these pro AV champions demonstrate, audio-visual technology has the potential to benefit organizations in a wide range of industries, including the financial sector. As a VAR, keep these examples in mind as inspiration for your own financial customers.

Has your business experienced an increase in pro AV requests from the financial market? What types of devices and systems are most popular among banking institutions, in your experience?