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3 Digital Signage Examples with Unique and Impactful Placement

May 25, 2017

3 Digital Signage Examples with Unique and Impactful Placement

The degree to which digital signage makes a positive impact on a viewer is directly proportional to its placement.  Next to content quality, placement is perhaps the most important consideration facing solution providers and digital signage system installers.

Like the old adage about the tree that falls in the woods with no one around to hear it, if theinstallation is obscured from view or placed at an angle that does not invite viewer engagement, one could expect the installation will likely be a failure.

Though not an exact science, a lot of effort is put into making sure that digital signage installations take into account variables such as viewing heights and angles and screen size versus viewing distance.

There are some digital signage deployments that seem to have mastered the mathematical variables associated with placement while at the same time delivering a high-impact user experience.

Here are three examples:

1. Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art recently installed a 40-foot-wide video wall to showcase its entire catalog of art. Works are presented as thumbnails on a 40-foot-wide moving grid, allowing visitors to click on individual images to get more information or to discover pieces by category, artist, medium or period.

Why it’s unique and impactful

As many as 16 visitors at a time can engage touchscreens for a highly immersive experience that they can share with friends on social media in real time. The installation is also housed in its own gallery giving the 40-foot touchscreen center stage with no other competing distractions.

2. Northeastern University Tribute Portal

Standing outside the university’s Snell Engineering Center, the 13-foot-tall tribute portal invites visitors and students to enter its arch, which features LED screens that play content ranging from photographed images to video and animated text.

Why it’s unique and impactful

The entire construction is ruggedized to handle the extremes of northeastern U.S. weather. Its deployment, on a high-traffic part of campus, is meant to inspire viewers to pursue an education in science, technology or engineering. But at the same time, the portal’s Stonehenge-like appearance makes it easy to imagine that it can transport one to another place or time.

3. Digital signage meets the men’s room

Yes, digital signage has made it into the men’s room, albeit mostly in Europe for the time being.  Small digital screens mounted above a urinal invite “users” to play short sports-related games? usually linked to seasonal branding campaigns. Some manufacturers have even begun producing units that integrate the video display into the urinal itself.

Why it’s unique and impactful

Up until recently, very few marketers have envisioned ways to capture viewer attention while they are taking care of business in a restroom. Besides, how many digital signage installations can almost guarantee they’ll claim your undivided attention for 21 seconds?