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3 Benefits of Using ProAV Systems in Schools

September 02, 2017

3 Benefits of Using ProAV Systems in Schools

The education market and professional AV have long gone hand-in-hand. Some readers might remember their elementary and high school teachers using simple projector systems and struggling with VCR-and-TV carts. However, today’s use of AV in education is much more sophisticated than it was only a decade ago – and getting more so every year.

Today, ProAV technology in the classroom includes interactive whiteboards, TVs, DVD players, iPods and tablets, Wii consoles and even video conferencing devices and software. And while many school districts struggle with budget limitations, most are able to incorporate at least some modern AV technology into their classrooms.  

According to InfoComm International, education is consistently one of the top three consumers of AV products and services, along with corporate and government customers. For value-added resellers (VARs), the education market presents an exciting – and growing – business opportunity.

For educators and students, meanwhile, ProAV represents an entirely different set of benefits and opportunities, which you can leverage to help attract education business. When working in the education market, keep in mind the following three benefits of using ProAV systems in schools:

1. A more stimulating learning environment.

We’ve all had that teacher whose lessons consisted of hours-long lectures and a few handwritten notes on the blackboard. Most students struggle to effectively learn this way, especially in today’s age of interactive technology and unlimited online learning potential.

ProAV devices and systems can help engage students in new and exciting ways, while also providing a higher level of collaboration and learning than has ever been possible in the past. For example, high school science students can video conference with a medical doctor to hear about her job first-hand. Or fifth graders can research physical fitness online, then learn about and try specific activities on their class’ Wii.

Whatever the topic, AV technology has the power to immerse students; rather than making them passive listeners, they are engaged and participating.

2. A natural opportunity to connect with young students.

Even today’s youngest students are completely at home with technology. They grew up with the Internet, and they become comfortable with new systems and devices much faster than most adults. For many students, digital technology is simply part of their day-to-day life.

This is another reason ProAV in education is so important and effective. Children will naturally gravitate toward AV technology of all kinds, giving educators an opportunity to connect with them – on their terms.  

3. Invaluable experience with technology.

Perhaps the most important benefit of using ProAV systems in schools is its impact on students long after they’ve left the classroom. As most people have experienced in their own careers, familiarity with audio-visual technology is vital in today’s workforce. Now is the time for young students to become familiar with technology, so they can make use of it throughout their lives.

Any classroom exposure that students can have to new and emerging technology will only benefit them in their future careers. And, in the meantime, they will be more engaged and more enthusiastic about learning – a goal any educator would love to attain.

As a value-added reseller, have you encountered any other specific benefits of using ProAV systems in schools? What would you say is the most important benefit to teachers, administrators and other stakeholders?