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23 Brands Leading the Industry in Audio Video Systems

July 22, 2017

23 Brands Leading the Industry in Audio Video Systems

As a $3 billion a year industry, the U.S. professional audio visual market is holding strong. Year after year, growth is spurred by new innovations and exciting trends. To stay on top of the market, value-added resellers (VARs) should get to know the brands leading the industry in audio video systems.

Even if you’re new to the industry, becoming familiar with the leading brands will help you to branch into the pro AV market quickly and effectively, and make it a solid part of your business.

Here are the 23 brands leading the industry in audio video systems, broken down by product type:

1. Displays

Digital displays come in many shapes and sizes, and at nearly every price point. Today, the market incudes LED, LCD and touchscreen displays.

LG offers extremely high-quality display technology, including:

  • EzSign TV Series: Enables customers to quickly create digital signage content on their PCs without additional hardware. Easily displays multiple content streams and can run continually for up to 12 hours a day. Includes an on-board media player
  • WL Series: Eco-friendly, professional-grade displays for both pro AV and digital signage installations. Media player is integrated into the display device
  • WS Series: Eco-friendly, professional-grade displays that can operate 24/7. Feature a narrow, even bezel for video wall installations. Media player integrated into display
  • WX Series: Ideal for outdoor installations. Provides clear picture and high brightness for visibility in harsh lighting environments

Elo Touch Solutions offers professional-grade LCDs, touchscreens and other interactive displays .

NEC offers high-quality displays that are perfect for many customer’s needs. The NEC E Series commercial-grade displays are designed for 12-hour operation, while the V Series can go up to 16 hours. The PE Series of digital projectors are designed for 24-hour-a-day operation. NEC’s X series is highly recommended for video walls.

Samsung has long been a leader in display technology. Several of their product lines are worth keeping in mind:

  • MD Series: LED displays that offer low power consumption and a built-in media player
  • ME Series: LED large-format displays that provide flexible mounting options, crisp picture, improved energy use and up to 16 hours of continuous operation. Also include an optional touchscreen overlay
  • PE Series: Professional-grade digital signage solutions with a lower total cost of ownership. Includes an onboard media player and integrated display solution
  • UE Series: Edge-lit LED displays offer lower power consumption, a thin chassis and slim bezels, making them a great video wall device
  • UD Series: Direct-lit LED displays color-tuned for brightness, color temperature and gamma. Perfect for customers who require optimal color and clarity

Sharp Electronics also offers digital displays in nearly any size, from ultra-slim bezel video walls to professional stand-alone LCD monitors and displays. The company’s AQUOS BOARD LED-LCD screens are available up to 70 inches.

For challenging lighting conditions and outdoor use, try the following brands:

Dynascan, whose DS² high-brightness professional LCDs display crystal-clear images even in challenging lighting conditions. The company’s super narrow bezel digital screens are ideal for video walls.

Sunbrite, whose TVs, digital screens and touchscreen monitors are custom-built for outdoor use:

  • Signature Series: Slim-line outdoor HDTVs that are available in 32- to 65-inch versions.
  • Marquee Series: True all-weather HDTVs that can be placed in direct sunlight applications without blackout effects.
  • Pro Series: LED HDTVs with direct sunlight-readable anti-reflective protective glass. Perfect for high-temperature environments

2. Projectors

Customers who require a more cost-effective solution often simply require a projector system, especially if they need to display relatively simple text or video.

BenQ is a manufacturer of visual display solutions, including professional-grade projectors and portable projectors.

Casio offers a wide range of projectors, including slim-line LED, laser and LED hybrid, and digital devices.

Epson makes projectors that are right-sized for education, corporate and small business environments and include portable options.

Hitachi offers LCD and DLP video projectors, as well as interactive projectors, ultra-short throw projectors and more.

Optoma USA is a leading supplier of DLP projectors for business, education, entertainment and mobile deployments.

3. Microphones

AKG, which has manufactured high-quality microphones since 1947, is a top brand. AKG offers microphones that are well-suited to professional sound recording, TV studio broadcasts, home recordings, video conferencing and more.

4. Speakers

In a pro AV solution, speakers will relay audio for videoconferencing sessions, broadcast video and other content.

Bose is a leader in professional-grade speakers. Its L1 series portable speakers are housed in a line array, making them perfect for tight spaces. Bose’s environmental speakers withstand harsh outdoor elements while delivering a high level of sound quality in wide listening areas.

JBL manufactures professional-grade speakers. JBL Control Series speakers are especially well-suited for pro AV installations and include ceiling, in-wall, surface-mount and pendant speakers. For projects that need even more flexibility, such as houses of worship and festivals, the JBL EON Series includes portable speakers.

Pyle offers high-quality professional speakers for recording studios, dance and music venues, and other pro AV settings. The company’s DJ speakers and Studio Series are a great fit for customers who need crystal clear, powerful audio.

5. Mounts

Chief has been a manufacturer of display mounts for more than 30 years. The company also offers projector and monitor mounts, carts and stands, and other mounting options.

Ergotron is a manufacturer of wall mounts, monitor arms and stands, standing desks, multi-display mounts and more.

Jelco Shipping offers innovative shipping solutions for pro AV and digital signage equipment, including cases and padded covers for monitors, projectors and other equipment.

Peerless-AV is a leader in the industry, offering high-quality mounts for flat-panel TVs and projectors, as well as carts, stands, wireless AV devices, kiosks, and outdoor TVs and displays.

6. Cables

Belkin, C2G (Cables To Go) and V7 offer a wide range of high-quality digital cables for everything from networking to entertainment systems, designed to offer plug-and-play installation and reliable operation for years to come.

What are your go-to brands for each product category? Do you tend to stick with the same manufacturers for each new deployment, or look for something new?