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21 Digital Signage Vendors You Should Consider Working With

March 26, 2017

21 Digital Signage Vendors You Should Consider Working With

As any well-established value-added reseller (VAR) knows, your business is only as strong as its vendor partnerships. It’s vital to surround yourself with high-quality, reliable manufacturers that provide best-in-class technology. That way, you’ll know your customers are always getting the best of the best.

Of course, there are a staggering number of digital signage vendors out there, and it’s not always easy identifying the best options. Here, we count down 21 of the highest-quality digital signage vendors that you should consider working with, broken up by category:



Cisco. The technology leader provides LCD screens, interactive displays, media players and more, all backed by best-in-class service and support.

Dynascan. Ideal for challenging lighting conditions, the DS² high-brightness professional LCDs are perfect for outdoor environments.

Elo Touch Solutions. This provider of professional-grade LCD, touchscreen and other interactive display technology is ideally-suited for your customers in healthcare, retail, hospitality and education.

LG. The household name in electronics is also a leader in digital displays. Depending on your customers’ specific needs, the LG EzSign TV, WL, WS or WX series could be the perfect high-quality fit. Many screens even include an on-board media player.

NEC. A well-respected supplier of video walls and large-scale displays, NEC offers screens that are designed for 12-, 16- or even 24-hour operation.

Samsung. A powerhouse in the digital signage space, Samsung’s offerings include the highest-quality low-power LED displays, screens with built-in media players, a range of interactive capabilities, slim-bezel video wall components and more.

Sharp Electronics. A leader in ultra-slim bezel LCD screens that are perfect for video walls. The company’s AQUOS BOARD LED-LCD screens are available in sizes up to 70 inches.

Sunbright. A high-quality option for outdoor digital screens and touchscreens. Sunbright technology is even well-suited for direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Media Players

Media players control each digital display and run the system’s various applications Available as stand-alone devices or integrated into the screen, media players are available at many different price points.

For top-quality stand-alone media players, consider working with the following:





VS Network

As digital signage has advanced, several manufacturers have developed digital displays that include integrated media players. For an all-in-one system, look into the providers:





Mounting Equipment

No digital signage project is complete without the right mounting equipment. Be sure to choose very high-quality, well-designed products, or your customer’s technology investment might not be displayed and protected as it should be:

Chief. A long-time source of high-quality display mounts, as well as projector and monitor mounts, carts and stands, and more.

Ergotron. Provider of all types of pro AV mounts, including wall mounts, monitor arms and stands, standing desks and video wall mounts.

Peerless AV. A well-recognized name in the digital signage industry, Peerless provides high-quality mounts for flat-panel TVs and projectors, as well as carts, stands, wireless AV devices, kiosks, outdoor TVs and displays, and more.


As any VAR knows, cabling is the backbone of a digital signage installation. For your next project, keep these vendors in mind for high-quality digital cables that enable plug-and-play operation for everything from networking to entertainment systems:


C2G (Cables To Go)


For those VARs who are newer to the industry, it might also be helpful to partner with a technology distributor to get started. These companies can help guide you toward the technology and manufacturers that are best for your business.

What are some other digital signage vendors that you would recommend? How do you usually go about identifying your various vendors?