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15 Examples of ROI with Professional Audio Video

January 13, 2017

15 Examples of ROI with Professional Audio Video

Today’s professional audio/visual communications technologies represent incredible opportunities for end users in a wide range of industries, educational and healthcare facilities, places of worship and other segments of society.

For these customers, ProAV can provide a powerful return on investment in a variety of ways. As a value-added reseller, you have the opportunity to attract new business from a range of customers by emphasizing the huge benefits offered by ProAV. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a ProAV system can provide a strong ROI:

1. Reduced Travel Expenses

Video conferencing can save companies untold amounts of money in travel alone. Rather than travelling across the country or around the world for sales meetings, conferences and other events, employees can take advantage of the face-to-face capabilities of video. With the cost of modern travel, simply limiting the number of trips taken each year can have a huge impact on budget.

2. Greater Reach  

For corporations, educational institutions and even individuals, video conferencing also enables users to connect with more people, in more countries, than would be possible with physical travel. For example, salespeople are able to use video conferencing to reach more customers, which helps to increase sales. In the education field, video conferencing can facilitate distance learning, which introduces unique revenue opportunities.

3. Improved Customer Service

Professional A/V technology can greatly improve customer service in a variety of ways, helping to improve customer satisfaction and create a healthier bottom line. For example, video conferencing can lead to reduced duration and number of customer service calls, which all customers can appreciate.

4. Increased Sales

Sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems can have a positive impact on a company’s sales in a variety of ways. For example, in retail environments, sound, video and lighting can add to the customer experience and increase foot traffic. In the corporate world, display and projection systems can aid in sales meetings to improve presentations and customer understanding.

5. Time Saved

In many industries, ProAV systems can help increase productivity and reduce time to complete tasks. For example, video conferencing decreases the amount of employee time spent traveling. Video and projection systems can help decrease the amount of time spent explaining new concepts to new employees or customers, which leads to increased productivity and maximized efficiency.

6. Improved Patient Understanding

In hospital settings, display and projection systems and digital signage with audio can help doctors and nurses better communicate with patients (and, often, visitors) about illnesses, health initiatives and other topics.

7. Improved System Reliability

Investing in a professional A/V system helps to streamline a company’s various devices and tasks, which creates the opportunity for less maintenance or other issues to resolve.

8. Increased Future Profits

Many businesses use ProAV systems to improve brand image and customer satisfaction, which helps bolster profits now and into the future.

9. Improved Effectiveness of Digital Signage

With ProAV, companies can add audio to digital signage to better capture customers’ attention.

10. Better Collaboration

ProAV tools like video conferencing, audio-conferencing, web-conferencing and data-conferencing can enable greater collaboration in any type of business or educational setting, which can lead to streamlined processes, new product ideas, reduced costs and more.

11. Increased Learning Capabilities

Devices like media centers, display carts and video conferencing systems help to increase collaboration, teaching capability and productivity within school districts, businesses and other organizations, which leads to increased revenue streams.

12. Remote Teaching

At businesses, hospitals and educational facilities alike, the opportunity to remotely teach through video conferencing creates new revenue streams and can decrease other costs.

13. Minimized Staffing Needs

In industries like hospitality, gaming and entertainment, ProAV systems can effectively communicate wayfinding, scheduling and other information to help reduce staffing requirements. For example, rather than having a 24-hour staffed information desk, a museum can provide visitors with information through a sound and video system.

14. Increased Effectiveness of Advertising

ProAV systems can help encourage customers to spend more per visit, especially in sports and entertainment settings, casinos, restaurants and other hospitality venues, by advertising specials and featured items.

15. Greater Connections with Your Audience

In businesses, health care settings and even churches, ProAV can help connect with the audience more than ever before. By reaching more people more intimately their experiences are improved, and they are more likely to return.

These are just some of the objective and subjective ways in with ProAV can provide a strong ROI for your end users; in the real world, the opportunities are nearly unlimited.

What has been your experience with selling ProAV? What industries seem to be the most receptive to it today?