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What you need to know about smart out-of-band solutions

February 20, 2020

What you need to know about smart out-of-band solutions
Perhaps you’ve been there: It’s 2:15 a.m. and a critical device on your network has failed—or worse, the entire network is down. The equipment is 1,500 miles away, with no colleague on-site. In this situation, the right out-of-band (OOB) solution can be your best friend. Smart OOB management represents the next-generation solution.

Why smart OOB management?
Acting as a secure, alternative path to devices at remote sites, smart OOB management ensures network infrastructure is accessible from anywhere—even during system or network outage. The ideal solution monitors and controls virtually every electronic device, preventing disruption and minimizing downtime.

Smart OOB management also identifies and remediates system and network connectivity issues, which keep your customers’ businesses up and running. Speaking of up and running, transparent automatic failover and always-on OOB management ensure business continuity.

OOB features to look for:
  • Always-on redundant network connection or automatic failover when the primary link goes down
  • Integrates cellular technologies for OOB access, failover, and SMS messaging and control
  • One solution monitors IT, networking, security and power devices from multiple vendors
  • Customized rules and policies initiate action in response to defined events
  • Firewall, SSH, extensive VPN support and two-factor authentication comply with enterprise access and security policies
  • Business continuity solutions manageable from a centralized console
Opengear: A smart choice for smart management
The Opengear OOB solution extends beyond traditional OOB management, with auto-response and remediation of issues. It monitors everything, including the physical environment, to proactively detect faults before they become failures. The Opengear solution also features intelligence at the network edge, which moves computation to the data—not data to the computation.

3 Opengear solutions
  • Resilience gateway with smart OOB management: Ensures uptime at branches and remote sites with built-in cellular connectivity
  • Infrastructure manager: Streamlines remote management of network, server and power infrastructure in data centers and large environments; enables proactive monitoring and remediation by pairing smart OOB management and failover to cellular
  • Console server: With up to 96 serial ports, the console server offers built-in redundancy, reliability and flexibility via OOB management
To learn more about Opengear’s OOB solutions, contact Ingram Micro’s solutions specialist, Keegan Connelly.