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Top 5 takeaways for partners from Ingram Micro’s ONE event

December 20, 2022

Top 5 takeaways for partners from Ingram Micro’s ONE event

Ingram Micro’s annual ONE event is a highlight of the year. The first ONE event held in person in two years, mainstage speaker presentations were also available online. The event aims to help partners run their businesses better, grow their tech practice faster and do more for their customers. This year’s lineup was electric. If you didn’t get a chance to participate or would like to relive the experience, here are five takeaways from ONE 2022.

Organizations don’t need technology; they need personalized solutions
Anyone can deliver products. An average solution for Ingram Micro’s end users consists of six vendor solutions and services. To sell a personalized solution, start with identifying the problem that needs to be solved. Listen to the customer, anticipate their needs and focus on the desired business outcome.

Technology is useless if it doesn’t deliver value
Customer expectations of partners are changing. Customers want consumerization in every aspect of life, including B2B interactions. That means finding ways to take the friction out of business and using technology to create value. An example is Ingram Micro’s XvantageTM—a fully digital and intelligent, self-learning global experience platform. Xvantage takes activities that aren’t value-added and automates them, freeing up time for more valuable actions, going from transacting to interacting.

The most critical factor in digital fitness is not technology; it’s a mindset change
If you want your organization to be digitally fit, you must assess your company’s current health and develop a transformation plan. According to Ingram Micro Chief Digital Officer Sanjib Sahoo, the key to a successful digital transformation is humans—partners, customers and employees with the desire and spirit to change. Like physical fitness, digital transformation is a continuous journey where you improve, assess and set goals for yourself.

Inclusiveness makes us all better
According to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., corporations that identify as diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. When employees bring their whole selves to work, they’ll feel more engaged at the workplace and contribute ideas from their personal experience. Building a culture of inclusion is also an excellent way to attract and retain talent.

Pick the right “dance” partner
When you pick the right partner, you can scale without doing it yourself. Partnering with Ingram Micro means you have access to approximately 200 countries and over 28,000 associates with reach to 90% of the global population. Those who work in the IT channel participate in a delicate dance every day where we try to figure out what we need to do next to achieve the impossible.

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