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NVIDIA Air provides a simple solution for complex data center operations

July 14, 2022

NVIDIA Air provides a simple solution for complex data center operations
In our NVIDIA blog series, we previously discussed NVIDIA Spectrum switches, an essential building block in a cloud-scale network infrastructure and touched on how they work to power NVIDIA Air. This time, we will examine the way NVIDIA Air functions as a customizable “digital twin” to user’s data center operations, and we’ll cover the extensive benefits of utilizing NVIDIA Air’s free simulation to model precise replicas of real-world data infrastructure deployments.

Simulate your data center operations with NVIDIA Air

Data center infrastructure is growing rapidly, and there are no signs of it slowing down. NVIDIA Air tackles the issues of complex, ever-changing infrastructures by providing users with a free, virtual, cloud-hosted platform that allows them to run true-to-life simulations with complete software functionality prior to production.

Using Linux-based architecture, NVIDIA Air’s open-source automation service allows users to upload their IT infrastructures to the NVIDIA Air platform in their own browsers, all powered by NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, SONiC and Linux. Not only does this powerful combination provide users with the ability to produce their own malleable infrastructure clones so that they can better respond to infrastructure issues, but they can also use their digital twin to test new ideas that will push their businesses to the limits of ingenuity without taking on any risk. Additionally, NVIDIA Air’s Linux architecture can represent any switch, cable or server through a browser GUI or CLI. Moreover, this user-friendly platform is equipped with various trainings and pre-built demos to assist users with skillsets that range from novice to expert.

Automate with NVIDIA Air to maximize data center efficiency

One of the defining features of NVIDIA Air is its pre-built network templates, demos and topologies that generate pre-built leaf-spine networks in seconds. This labor-saving feature provides users the opportunity to shrink their time to deployment and maximizes their data center efficiency.
When using NVIDIA Air to build a network simulation, users can choose from a host of pre-configured demos from the “Demo Marketplace,” —a collection of on-demand training, test resources and demos for Cumulus Linux and other NVIDIA Networking offerings. Or they can choose from a pre-cabled network environment from the “NVIDIA Networking Experience.” Both demos and templates utilize cutting-edge NVIDIA Cumulus Linux reference topology to produce fully-baked leaf-spine networks running Cumulus, SONiC or a mix of both for network test drives.
Not only does NVIDIA Air include easy and ready-to-use templates, but users also have the option to create their own custom topology or upload existing topologies with ability to scale to hundreds of switches. This feature augments the pre-built demo infrastructure so users can begin with a powerful base and develop new creations or expand on current ones.
NVIDIA Air is also aware of the importance of network security. Network configurations and topologies are owned by the user, so they know that their data is protected when running their data center simulations.

Demonstrate simulated networks for enhanced collaboration

Collaboration is the key to creation and NVIDIA Air’s intuitive network sharing ability provides users with an optimal space for teamwork innovation. Once a user’s digital twin is built, they can validate their configurations with NetQ in Air to ensure they are ready to go when equipment arrives on site and share configurations with colleagues and customers alike for collaboration and knowledge transfer.
In addition to the ability to share their network configurations with others, users also have access to custom topology support where NVIDIA solution architects are available to help create a virtual POC to stimulate network production.

Experience NVIDIA Air for yourself

The benefits of using NVIDIA Air’s revolutionary data center simulation platform are unmatched. With NVIDIA Air, you can expect to minimize hardware requirements, reduce network downtime, enhance physical infrastructure value and increase creativity and collaboration. These benefits and this platform are what you need to take your network infrastructure to the next level.
Stay tuned for more NVIDIA blogs to come.
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