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Hilarious and heartwarming surveillance videos

January 03, 2017

Hilarious and heartwarming surveillance videos

We live in a world where surveillance is everywhere. Municipalities have cameras on street corners. Banks are surrounded by cameras. University campuses are covered. Retailers are watching customers and employees. Indeed, thanks to the lowered price of surveillance solutions, a heightened need for surveillance and improved capabilities, we should never assume that our actions in public aren’t being recorded.

However, many do forget that surveillance is always watching. The news often shares surveillance footage of sad, tragic and enraging events. Alternatively, on the lighter side of surveillance are videos of funny, odd and just plain entertaining events.

When it rains, it pours

Forklift accidents happen all the time in warehouses, often with tragic results. In this humorous case, a worker accidently hits an overhead sprinkler head, then attempts to fix the leak. Mayhem ensues.


Give a dog a bone

Retail video surveillance is often used to catch thieves and armed robbers after the fact, but seldom 4-legged robbers. Imagine watching the news and seeing your dog caught on surveillance stealing his favorite treats from the local store.


Man's best friend, indeed

Police body cam footage has become a critical piece of surveillance used today. In this instance, an officer responds to help free a dog from a fence. It’s what happens after freeing the dog that will put a smile on your face.


Surveillance compilation

This montage of surveillance video includes the weird, wacky and ridiculous.


What humorous, odd or embarrassing video surveillance stories have you seen or experienced for yourself? Feel free to share your stories and video links on our Facebook page or Tweet us @IngramTechSol.