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A safe bet for recurring security sales

October 30, 2017

A safe bet for recurring security sales


The ever-increasing volume of cybersecurity attacks—and their growing sophistication— present an opportunity for you to earn recurring revenue as an IT security expert.

One key way to continue to grow your security sales is to leverage the security assessment services offered by Ingram Micro. We designed these services not only to help our channel partners simplify and speed the decision-making process around IT security but also to

increase revenue by proactively addressing and offer advanced threat protection (ATP) to their customers. You can market these assessment services as your own to strengthen your IT security credentials.

FirePOWER Network Threat Assessment

Ingram Micro recently announced this assessment service, which quickly identifies network and endpoint security gaps using non-evasive Cisco ASA hardware with FirePOWER services installed at a customer’s site. Once the assessment is complete, you have the option to select, source and deploy Cisco’s threat-focused, next-generation ASA Firewalls to address the customer’s specific security needs. If additional support is needed, Cisco-authorized configuration, installation and mentoring services are available through Ingram Micro’s Professional Services organization.

Vulnerability Assessments

You can also leverage Ingram Micro’s Vulnerability Assessment services, which cover all IT assets that are connected to a customer’s network. Vulnerability assessment provides an insight into a customer’s current state of security and the effectiveness of their countermeasures.

Vulnerability assessments are performed in two formats:

  • External vulnerability assessments are done remotely, with the goal of identifying and classifying the weaknesses of an organization’s internet-facing IT assets, including web applications, web servers, network endpoints, its VPN and email servers. This helps your customers learn what external IT assets need security controls, patches and general hardening.
  • Internal vulnerability assessments are done on the premises and are designed to identify and classify threats and weaknesses in the internal network. It helps an organization determine its compliance to global or local policies, standards and procedures in terms of information security, data protection and segmentation of networks.

Be your customers' trusted security advisor

You can position yourself as a security expert without being one by leveraging the wealth of resources Ingram Micro has to offer. In addition to offering you assessment services, we can provide you with subject matter experts to address a customer’s specific concerns. Let’s face it, cybersecurity has become an increasingly complicated issue, and the technology and best practices continue to evolve. Having the right resources on your side can go a long way toward giving you competitive advantage—and a recurring source of revenue.

To learn more about Ingram Micro Vulnerability Assessment services, visit www.ingrammicrolink.com, call (800) 456-8000 ext. 76094 or email proservices@ingrammicro.com.