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A Look at the Growing Demand for Integrated Security Systems

December 07, 2017

A Look at the Growing Demand for Integrated Security Systems

As a fast-moving, innovative industry, the world of physical security is always evolving. Today, one of the biggest trends is the growing demand for integrated security systems: solutions that provide comprehensive security for the end user, from video surveillance to intrusion alarms and access control, rather than utilizing multiple stand-alone devices that do not work together.

Recent research forecasts that the physical security market will reach $125 billion by 2019, growing at a rate of nearly 15 percent. Many experts agree that much of this growth is due to the increased demand for integrated physical security solutions, which are helping boost overall growth around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at this evolution and what it means for value-added resellers (VARs).

Evolving Customer Demand

It’s no surprise that today’s physical security customer is more likely to request an integrated security system. Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions offer the customer several key benefits, both at the time of install and over the life of the system.

Customers benefit from interoperable, open solutions because they are no longer locked into a proprietary relationship with a single vendor. Instead, they can select the best-in-breed products for each technology category and, regardless of manufacturer, can rest assured that they will seamlessly communicate with each other. The result is a higher level of user-friendliness, cost savings, and, in many cases, improved overall security.

Security technology that “plays well” with other devices also provides cost savings in the long run. As systems fail or reach end-of-life, it’s important that the customer knows he or she can easily swap them out for a new solution—without having to pay for an entire rip-and-replace, which can be extremely costly.

The Industry Response

As security customers increasingly demand integrated security systems, the industry is responding by offering devices that more readily work with one another. Especially as the industry moves more toward IP technologies, there is much more of a push for interoperable, integratable physical security products.

Take, for instance, ONVIF, an industry group whose goal is to establish a global open standard for IP-based security technologies. The group includes more than 500 member companies that are committed to interoperable devices; in fact, more than 5,000 security products are now ONVIF-conformant.

With groups like ONVIF becoming more of the norm, rather than the minority, interoperability will only become more common in the years to come.

Benefits to VARs

Although it has caused a few “growing pains” for many VARs over the years, the trend toward integrated security systems will benefit resellers as a whole in the long run. As you incorporate more interoperable systems into your product offering, you will realize benefits similar to those available to your customers, including improved flexibility and potential cost savings.

You’ll be able to build best-in-class systems using devices from any manufacturer. And you can rest assured that these interoperable technologies will work seamlessly together, without unnecessary support calls in order to keep them talking to each other. Best yet, installation will be streamlined, which allows you to move on to the next job more quickly.

To incorporate more open-architecture technologies into your product offering, seek out vendor partners that place a priority on interoperability. Bosch Security Systems, the industry’s leading source of intrusion, fire, communications, access control, and video surveillance systems, is one such provider, with a long-standing commitment to developing open-architecture technology. As a member of ONVIF, Bosch has long affirmed its dedication to products that are easily integrated with other systems, enabling the customer to benefit from best-in-class technology and the highest possible level of security and situation awareness.