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Ep. 2: Microsoft’s accessibility features make inclusive learning a reality

December 14, 2022

With more than 50% of U.S. classrooms having one or more students speaking English as a second language (ESL) and more than 2.5 million students having learning disabilities, issues like accessibility are a top priority for educators.

In this video, Microsoft Commercial Master Trainers Mitch Doctor and Anthony Hartsell demonstrate how Microsoft’s Windows 11 OS and apps have 5x the accessibility capabilities of the nearest competitor—without the need to pay for add-on software licenses.

Some of the accessibility features discussed in the video include:

  • Immersive reader—Allows users to listen to the text read aloud or adjust how text appears by modifying page margins, background colors, font size, spacing, color and more.
  • Live captioning—Uses a computer’s microphone to detect spoken words and translates them to text in real time.
  • Live translation—Works like live captioning but converts the spoken word into the user’s preferred language (32 languages supported), making it ideal for ESL learners.
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