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3 digital marketing trends you should be using

May 04, 2021

3 digital marketing trends you should be using
This probably doesn’t come as any shock, but the world of marketing continues to change quicker than most can comprehend. Being able to keep up and determine which new trends are worthwhile can be the difference between dominance and irrelevance. But who has the time to constantly monitor every minor shift and major trend in marketing and figure out if they’re actually valuable? Ingram Micro Partner Marketing does. It’s kind of our job, and we’re happy to pass this knowledge onto you. Here are 3 examples of recent marketing trends you should be aware of and potentially leverage:
#1 - Influencer marketing
You’ve probably heard the term “influencer” over the past few years. But what does it mean? A social media influencer is anyone who leverages their significant social media following to spotlight whatever they choose. Many influencers become sponsored by companies to use and review products, and some influencers use their platform to spotlight personal causes. For businesses, influencers can be an attractive way to market new products. This is because an influencer’s audience usually views them as an authority and also authentic, so their endorsements hold a strong sway over their subscribers. Getting your products in the hands of the right influencer could make or break a product launch.
#2 - Short video
Video is now the primary way people consume content. Everything from streaming services to social media is all video-first and video-focused, and that’s for a good reason. Watching video is a passive form of consuming media, versus reading, which is an active form. Face it, people are lazy and prefer content to be spoon-fed to them, so to speak. Part of this is due to attention spans being shorter these days, which explains the rise of short video platforms like Tik Tok, which let users post 15-second video clips (users can also string multiple 15-second videos together to create one long video). Tik Tok isn’t the only avenue either—Instagram and Facebook have adapted the short video format as well. The point is, people enjoy consuming the short video format, and businesses can definitely leverage these platforms to communicate to their audience (in fact, you’d be unwise not to leverage these platforms).
#3 - Retargeting
Retargeting is one of the most powerful sales tools available, and you probably have already experienced it. Have you ever shopped online and looked at specific products only to find ads for the very same products on an unrelated webpage you’re looking at later? Welcome to the world of retargeting, where the products you view literally follow you around the internet hoping users come back and make a purchase. This is enabled when users visit a website—let’s say your website—and agree to the site’s cookie policy. Agreeing allows the site to track the webpages users view (no sensitive personal data is collected) and then alerts your ad platform when the user goes on to visit another site. The stored cookie data knows which products the user viewed on your site and serves up ads for those specific products as they visit participating sites across the internet. The reason retargeting is so prevalent is because it works. People who don’t make a purchase initially can still be marketed to afterward. And more exposure to the products they’re interested in increases the chance of a sale.
For more information on how to market your business and start capturing new leads, visit the Ingram Micro Partner Marketing portal. It’s our job to be experts and (more importantly) to pass that expertise on to you. Our comprehensive product information and training content can build your sales team’s expertise, credibility and, ultimately, sales.


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