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Logitech Rally Bar makes everyone look—and sound—amazing

May 04, 2021

Logitech Rally Bar makes everyone look—and sound—amazing
In 2020, video meetings increased 400% over the previous year. Given many companies learned to successfully host them—from anywhere— they’re now embedded into our way of working.
Ingram Micro and Logitech can help you deliver brilliant optics with an innovative, streamlined design that helps employees stay on top of their workdays, while making the new normal look—and sound—terrific. Rally Bar is engineered for superior audio and video in midsize rooms and is ready to deploy in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other popular video meeting applications.
This infographic offers great talking points around exciting new opportunities Logitech Rally Bar can help make happen, while offering data that shines the light on how you can best meet your sales objectives.

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