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What can PLG do for you?

May 10, 2021

What can PLG do for you?
Ever notice how difficult and time consuming software licensing and renewals are? Well, the Partners Licensing Group (PLG) was created to change all that through reducing complexity and boosting profitability. In 2019 alone we generated billions of dollars by partnering with 15,000 Ingram Micro resellers. As for reducing complexity, our software solutions, automated licensing tools and expert guidance make growing licensing sales and renewals business easier than ever for our partners.

We make it simple. And easy.
You need simplicity—an easier and more seamless way to handle everything from checking order status and tracking to sales quotes and return orders. And that’s just what we deliver. How? By managing licensing orders from start to finish. Our team of licensing experts currently supports over 80 manufacturers and is adept at handling the complexities and demands arising from providing this level of individualized support.
Tool time
PLG offers lots of helpful online tools, like RenewVue, which automates the renewal process by offering 360-degree views of all upcoming renewal opportunities and boosts end user retention. If you’re an Ingram Micro reseller with U.S. web credentials, you have access to RenewVue and all our tools, including Licensing Locator, which provides an end-to-end view of your software licensing orders, including reprints, status and license history reporting. These tools are available 24/7, providing end-to-end support for renewals and confirmation management.
Ready to partner with PLG?
Curious about how the Partners Licensing Group can help you? Email our team at partnerslicensinggroup@ingrammicro.com and we’ll be happy to speak with you. If you need help with a specific vendor, you can also download our partner contact sheet.