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There’s more to learn about the Lenovo Booster program

The story behind the Booster program and Ingram Micro’s continued dedication to your success

June 27, 2022

There’s more to learn about the Lenovo Booster program
We’re always looking for new ways to ensure all of our partners are getting the most opportunities for business success. Your success is our passion and that has brought us to creating profitable programs like the Lenovo Booster program.
We originally created the Booster program as a way to ensure all partners could easily earn rewards and move up the stack. Plus, we made sure there were some cool perks along the way.
The Lenovo Booster program, exclusive to Ingram Micro partners, continues to be a lucrative plan for our solution providers. With access to additional services and support, as well as new opportunities to earn more, Lenovo solution providers who have opted in to the Booster program continue to reap the rewards.
Interested in learning more about how the Booster program can help you give your Lenovo sales a boost? Visit our page. 
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