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Ep. 2: Listen to the second in a four-part Lantronix vlog series

March 23, 2022

Join Gail Miller, head of marketing and communications at Lantronix, for the second in a four-part series from Lantronix and Ingram Micro that takes you in depth to discover the features and capabilities of the brand’s networking switches, designed to withstand enterprise or hardened applications. With her, Dennis Troxl, sales engineer, will share in depth the time and money-saving features of commercial/industrial smart-managed PoE/PoEE++ network switches, with monitoring, management and diagnostics courtesy of built-in DMS software.
Stay tuned for:
Episode 3: A Deeper Dive on OOBM and What it Solves for
Episode 4: ConsoleFlow, Which Ties Together End-to-End Solutions