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Ep. 4: ConsoleFlow—Cloud-Based SaaS Software

April 26, 2022

Want to increase operational efficiency? Join Lantronix for the last of its four-part vlog series to learn how its cloud-based, ready-to-use software platform ConsoleFlow is up to the task. Lantronix’s Robert Wood, senior director of product management, and Dave Gilbert, senior field applications engineer, share how it effortlessly performs device operations, automation and control, letting you remotely, securely access your globally deployed Lantronix intelligent IT and IoT devices through a single pane of glass, anywhere—and at any time. Even during network outages. Plus, you’ll see how ConsoleFlow can benefit on-premises environments.
Catch—or rewatch—the whole series here:
Ep. 1: The Latest in Product, Services and Insights From Lantronix
Ep. 2: Lantronix Commercial/Industrial Smart-Managed Network Switches
Ep. 3: Get Anywhere, Anytime Access With Out-of-Band Management
Ep. 4: ConsoleFlow—Cloud-Based SaaS Software
Gail Miller, head of marketing and communications at Lantronix, is joined by:
  • Robert Wood, senior product line manager for platforms and management software
  • David Gilbert, senior field application engineer

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