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Ep. 3: Get anywhere, anytime access with out-of-band management

April 06, 2022

Join Gail Miller, head of marketing and communications at Lantronix, and Shadrack Laanoi, their director of product management, in the third episode of our vlog Lantronix series with Ingram Micro. Focusing on Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) for verticals such as education, enterprise, finance and government, they share the benefits of having a secondary communication channel for accessing and controlling devices, including when your primary network goes down and if devices experience a failure or are misconfigured. Additionally, they share the benefits of LTX and what it brings to the table as a differentiator.
0:00-0:23: Intro
0.24-1:16: What is Out-of-Band Management?
1:17- 2:25: Why OOBM is important
2:26- 3:56: Markets that benefit from OOBM
3:57-6:09: OOBM products from Lantronix
6:10- 7:13: Lantronix differentiators
7:14-8:02: Outro
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