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How to ensure the security of large-scale IoT networks

March 13, 2020

How to ensure the security of large-scale IoT networks
With the number of IoT sensors and devices in circulation increasing exponentially—and expected to exceed 50 billion by 2022—the security challenges related to deploying IoT devices are growing as well. More than 84 percent of organizations have already experienced an IoT-related security breach.
The fundamental problem is the attack surface of a network expands every time an IoT device is added. And once any IoT device connected to the network is hacked, the entire network is threatened.
How to address the IoT-related security challenges
Juniper Networks, a well-known name in networking and security, offers a comprehensive approach to simplifying the design, deployment and operation of large-scale IoT networks and ensuring their security. Juniper-connected security activates an entire network with analytics and machine learning to protect IoT devices against the latest threats.
For details on Juniper’s comprehensive approach to securing IoT networks, check out the whitepaper, Security challenges of IoT and the need to address them with a holistic approach. It offers valuable insights that can help your customers implement a large-scale IoT environment with peace of mind.
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