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Addressing the challenges of managing and securing a multicloud environment

March 13, 2020

Addressing the challenges of managing and securing a multicloud environment
As cloud adoption continues to grow exponentially, more and more companies find it easier and more cost effective to deploy cloud services rather than maintain hardware infrastructure on premises.
Many organizations are also choosing to adopt several cloud platforms from multiple providers. This gives them the flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in, take advantage of best-of-breed solutions, structure different workloads into separate environments to optimize performance and improve uptime (and maybe even save money).
Despite these advantages, however, relying on multiple cloud resources does present some challenges, and enterprises that are planning a multicloud migration need to do so carefully. To help companies ensure a successful transition, Juniper, a well-established leader in networking, has developed a comprehensive set of tools and a five-step migration framework.
For details on Juniper’s unified approach to multicloud migration, check out the whitepaper, The challenges of managing and securing multicloud environments. It offers valuable insights that can help your customers enjoy the benefits of multicloud without the security risks or management challenges.
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