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Solution Design & Services

Comprehensive support for solving business challenges

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Learn what we can do for you

Our team helps you build end-to-end solutions for your customers. We support you with every phase of the sales lifecycle so you can close more deals. With training courses, assessments and system demonstrations, we give you the tools you need to demonstrate full-service capabilities. With Solution Design & Services, you can be confident in your ability to deliver the right solutions and services to meet your customers’ business goals.

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Why Solution Design & Services

  • 250 professionals on two continents
  • 1,900+ certifications, 15,000 training courses, 40+ professional services
  • Our certified technology experts are ready to answer questions about products, licensing, compatibility, etc.
  • Support for all phases of the sales lifecycle, providing full-service capabilities
  • Teams that use solution design & services increase sales by up to 65%.

Buy now, ship later

Ingram Micro offers world-class storage and fulfillment services. We take care of every detail to make your inventory management a breeze.

Our express warehousing program provides storage at an affordable rate, so you can:

  • Capitalize on advantageous vendor pricing
  • Stock up on popular solutions
  • Procure end-of-life hardware
  • Stage products requiring rollout, configuration or integration activities
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Our four-phase model

We can help you take on your customers’ toughest IT challenges.

Phase 1: discovery
We assess and gather relevant information about your business needs by probing on budget, close date and use of the product.
Phase 2: solution design
We develop solutions that address the need by adding accessories and warranties to enhance the sale and allow for a smooth integration.
Phase 3: educate
We present our findings and help you effectively communicate our recommendations to your customers. We can also consult with them directly.
Phase 4: final report
We present you with a summary of the solution design recommendations and then immediately send out notes, product information and pricing.


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