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Expand your technical competency with Ingram Micro training. We offer an array of training courses that allow you to learn from industry experts and global leaders in the channel. Gain knowledge on the latest technologies and best practices while choosing the training method that works for you. Browse our course catalog to find the training that fits your schedule, location and learning objectives.

Why Ingram Micro

  • 14 top IT training manufacturers such as, Cisco, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Veeam and VMware
  • Over 15,000 courses in more than 100 countries
  • World-class instructors who provide targeted education, training and enablement courses nationwide     
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Your path to success begins here

We provide access to streamlined and convenient training options aligned with key manufacturers.

In-demand courses
With over 15,000 courses offered globally, including some from top IT manufacturers, you can count on us to train your team.
​Industry experts
All of our training is delivered by recognized industry experts to fit all your certification and skill competencies.
Flexible training options
​We know it can be hard to find time to schedule training. That’s why we offer live online, instructor-led and after dark.
Subject matter experts
Our experts are available throughout the training to ensure you receive maximum return on investment on your training path.

“I spoke with other training providers, some with pricing a bit lower, but nobody mapped out the proper training paths as Scott did. Having the training dates made the coordination and allocation of resources much easier to deal with.” —D.R., Ingram Micro Training Student

Ingram Micro GRAD Program

Are your customer's sales and technical teams having trouble keeping up with the latest trends? Try our GRAD program. It offers a competency-based curriculum approach delivered by industry experts. Particpants also get some hands-on learning experience.


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