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Business Transformation Center

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Learn what we can do for you

The Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center showcases a comprehensive array of technology designed to expand and accelerate your go-to-market abilities. This approach delivers effective and profitable solutions that address every client’s business needs.

Why Ingram Micro

  • Personalized tours
  • Live and remote-access product demonstrations in a “real life” verticals setting
  • Live and remote-access training sessions
  • Technical briefings
  • Proof-of-concept demonstrations
  • Multi-manufacturer environment with integrated solutions
  • Partner consultations
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Focus on verticals

The center features technology across key verticals, allowing partners to see selected solutions in their day-to-day use case scenario.

Technology is used across many aspects of healthcare to help shape the way diseases are diagnosed/treated, and how patient care is delivered.
Gone are the days of a chalkboard and one-to-many instruction. Today's classroom is an immersive experience where students learn by doing. See our STEM lab in action.
​In order for stores to remain relevant to today's connected customers, digital transformation is no longer an option—it's imperative to survive.

Take a closer look

Now that you know what we do, come see how the BTC and our "One Ingram Micro" approach can transform your business. Select which business areas you'd like to visit on your tour and get ready to experience a destination to learn about and expereince leading-edge technology solutions that can be leveraged to transform your business.


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Business and Consumer Solutions
Learn how innovative audio technology can address the challenges of today’s open work environments—and how employees want to do their jobs.
January 24, 2020
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Trust X Alliance
Learn how the Trust X Alliance partnership helps members grow geographic reach, expertise and revenue opportunities.  
January 23, 2020
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B2B Tech Talk
Small IT business owner discusses the value of mastermind groups on B2B Tech Talk.
January 22, 2020
Thumbnail Podcast
B2B Tech Talk
P&N director of technology services discusses detective security on B2B Tech Talk
January 22, 2020


Event image for Q1 SMB Alliance Talking Shop
Phoenix, Arizona
February 26, 2020 - February 26, 2020
Event Meeting/Training
Event image for XChange
San Antonio, Texas
March 01, 2020 - March 03, 2020
Event Conference
Event image for Q2 SMB Alliance Talking Shop
April 01, 2020 - April 01, 2020
Event Meeting/Training
Event image for Trust X Alliance Invitational
Phoenix, Arizona
May 26, 2020 - May 29, 2020
Event Conference

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