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Why IoT is the next IT megatrend—and technology worth investing in

May 18, 2020

Why IoT is the next IT megatrend—and technology worth investing in
The IT industry has megatrends.
“Mobility, lifecycle services and cloud have been focal points for the past several years. We see IoT as the next megatrend, a tremendous growth opportunity for our partners and us,” explains Sabine Howest, the Ingram Micro vice president who spearheads the company’s overall IoT strategy and execution.
The statistics bear out this forecast. According to McKinsey, the number of businesses using IoT technologies increased from 13% in 2014 to 25% in 2019. JBA estimates the combined markets for IoT will grow to $523B in 2021, while reaching a 29% CAGR between 2017-2021.
IoT and supporting technologies like cloud, AI and data analytics are transforming a broad range of industries, from retail to healthcare to logistics—providing critical data that’s being used to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, save energy and heighten security.
A major focus moving forward
Ingram Micro is so committed to IoT that in April we announced the creation of an IoT Center of Excellence at our Irvine, CA headquarters—a state-of-the-art facility where vendors, resellers and customers can connect with IoT through the lens of the end user and discover the technology’s vast and exciting potential through hands-on engagement. The company plans to have the center ready later this year, adhering to strict health and safety guidelines.
“For years organizations have been hearing about the promise of a smarter and more connected world,” says Howest. “We believe that IoT is the technology that will help deliver on that promise. Ingram Micro’s recent efforts to support IoT growth and adoption—including our unique IoT Marketplace, the IoT Summit we held last September and our new IoT Center of Excellence—reflect our commitment to help partners and their customers transform their businesses in new and exciting ways.”
To learn more about the company’s commitment to IoT, visit our IoT Marketplace at iot.ingrammicro.com. To discuss your plans to build an IoT practice, contact our IoT experts at us.iot@ingrammicro.com.