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IoT delivers on logistics efficiency and accuracy

July 15, 2019

IoT delivers on logistics efficiency and accuracy
Our primer explains how
With the pace of business constantly increasing, the demands on logistics companies are greater than ever. Simply moving goods from one destination to another is not enough. They need to ensure on-time delivery and offer customers benefits such as safe product storage, real-time visibility into the supply chain and transparency into the product lifecycle.
Achieving the 7Rs
The challenge facing logistics companies is often summed up by the principle of the 7Rs: moving the right product in the right quantity and condition, at the right time and the right price to the right place and the right customers.
To deliver consistent and quality service—without sacrificing any of the 7Rs—logistic companies are increasingly relying on IoT technology.

By connecting everything from parcels to people, IoT enables supply chain and logistics companies to track and trace freight in real time, make data-driven decisions that improve operational efficiency, perform predictive maintenance on assets and infrastructure, and much more. In fact, industry experts estimate that IoT will drive more than $1.9 trillion in value within supply chain and logistics by 2020. 

This value stems from the way IoT helps converge information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT). By deploying IoT-enabled sensors and advanced analytics, supply chain and logistics companies gain real-time and end-to-end visibility into operations as well as insights on how to improve them.

Get the details in our primer
From location management and inventory tracking to warehousing and predictive analysis, IoT is transforming every aspect of the supply chain, and logistics companies and customers are reaping the benefits.

To learn more, download our primer, Guaranteed delivery: IoT in logistics. Then check out the specific IoT logistics solutions Ingram Micro has to offer.