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Sniff and snuff the danger out of school bathrooms with IoT

Detect vaping, bullying and gunshots to keep students safe

November 16, 2022

Sniff and snuff the danger out of school bathrooms with IoT

If you’re on a school or college campus and walk past a bathroom, chances are you might smell a whiff of watermelon candy, rich vanilla or sour apple. But it’s no innocent candy you’re smelling; that’s vape smoke laced with addictive nicotine, in flavors cunningly marketed to appeal to youth. Along with a surge in vaping or the use of e-cigarettes, other problem behaviors like marijuana use and bullying are on the rise among teens. Schools that already face staffing challenges often lack the personnel to monitor everywhere at once, especially private areas like bathrooms and closets.

Deploy AI as your PI

Here’s where the efficiency and intelligence of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help. Smart, wirelessly connected sensors installed in these private locations use AI to act as the school’s integrated ears and nose. These IoT sensors can monitor for multiple factors including aggressive and abnormal noise levels, the sound of gunshots or the presence of vape and marijuana/THC smoke (which ordinary smoke detectors cannot detect). Any event can trigger real-time alerts and provide the exact incident location to school officials.

Instead of relying on drug-sniffing dogs (no offense to Fido), schools are evolving to drug-sniffing sensors equipped with these advanced capabilities to take on the modern challenges and complexities of teen substance abuse:

  • Identify vaping and marijuana/THC smoke (which ordinary smoke detectors cannot)
  • Detect the sound of gunshots
  • Monitor noise levels for aggressive behavior when a threshold above normal is reached for a specified period, as well as applying aggression detection through threat analytics
  • Monitor air quality to reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission
  • Send real-time alerts and exact incident location to school officials

From detecting vaping to preventing viral transmission

Along with what substances people are exhaling, the smart sensors can also detect the quality of the air people are inhaling by monitoring factors like CO2, particulate matter and VOC levels. Because COVID-19 can spread via airborne transmission, the need to constantly monitor air quality remains essential to reducing the risk of infection in schools as well as places like hospitals, nursing homes, offices and hotels.

Why IoT smells like an opportunity for multiple verticals

IoT’s ability to improve, protect and automate operations while reducing costs is leading its global market size predictions to grow across multiple verticals: education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and more. Providing safe, clean and healthy environments builds trust with all types of customers, plus the enhanced detection for smoking policy violations can create additional revenue streams for businesses. From schools to shopping malls, there are numerous benefits to going smoke-free with IoT:

  • Create safe, healthy and clean environments for a positive customer experience
  • Keep students, customers and staff informed and protected
  • Reduce the risk of airborne infection
  • Effectively enforce anti-smoking policies
  • Generate new revenue streams for businesses

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