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Smart building technology

May 28, 2019

Smart building technology
The benefits of IoT-driven facilities management
The smart building revolution is transforming the commercial real estate and facilities management industries—and building owners, operators and tenants are all reaping the rewards.
It’s changing the long-held premise that a property’s value is based primarily on location. While it still matters that a building be close to customers, employees and suppliers, IoT-driven technology is adding value in terms of the efficiencies, revenue generating opportunities and enhanced tenant experiences a facility can deliver.
IoT is driving the transformation
Smart buildings are equipped with networks of IoT devices—sensors, meters and appliances—that send and receive data. That data can then be analyzed and used to control and optimize building operations in four categories: energy, equipment, environmental quality, and people and spaces. Here are just a few examples of the impressive benefits your customers can achieve: To see the variety of ways smart technology can be used to improve building efficiency—and statistics on the explosive growth of IoT technology in facilities management—check out this infographic. Then contact the IoT experts at Ingram Micro to start mapping out a smart building strategy.