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Putting IoT at the heart of healthcare:

Connecting patients and providers to better outcomes

June 20, 2022

Putting IoT at the heart of healthcare:

From the smallest remote clinics to major urban hospitals, healthcare IoT is changing the way medical professionals manage facilities, diagnose illnesses, administer patient care and assess therapeutic progress. Doctors, nurses and hospital administrators recognize the importance of real-time data monitoring in treating patients with chronic diseases. And patients appreciate the value of having faster and better ways to send alerts to medical teams and engage with their healthcare providers. The strategic use of remote monitoring and data analytics, in particular, has been shown to reduce readmissions of patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, congestive heart failure and other critical ailments.

A rapidly expanding market

The global market for healthcare IoT topped $147 billion last year and is expected to increase about 20% annually to $534 billion by 2025. In North America alone, the market should reach $45 billion by 2022.[1]

A major driver of the explosive growth is the booming aging population, the segment that tends to have more critical ailments and require long-term care. By 2030, an estimated one in five individuals in the U.S. will be older than 65, and medical professionals will be looking to technology to help them better serve the increasing patient load.

Making healthcare smarter

As healthcare IoT technology continues to advance and improve, we’re seeing an ever-evolving list of beneficial and profitable use cases that present vast potential for solution providers:

  • Ensuring availability of critical assets
  • Tracking medical staff, patients and inventory
  • Improving clinical infrastructure management
  • Enabling faster procedures and training

Maximize your healthcare opportunities

Ingram Micro has built multiple go-to-market strategies that service the top use cases in the healthcare industry. And, in collaboration with our vendor partners, we’ve developed scalable, turnkey solutions that are ready to implement, along with training and workshops to educate our reseller partners and help them engage and sell to their healthcare customers.






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