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IoT parcel tracking systems—a leap forward in shipping technology

August 24, 2020

IoT parcel tracking systems—a leap forward in shipping technology
Today, with the explosive growth of e-commerce, package deliveries have become a daily occurrence at most homes and businesses—presenting new challenges for e-tailers and their delivery services. Take monitoring in-house inventories, for example. As products fly off the shelves to meet demand, keeping track of what’s in stock is critical. Then there’s the challenge of ensuring packages arrive on time and in good condition.

That’s where IoT-driven shipping technology has become invaluable. IoT parcel tracking solutions are dramatically improving the fulfillment and delivery process at every point in the supply chain—from warehouse to final destination. Here’s how:

  • A better read on inventory—IoT sensors provide valuable insights into product availability in stores and warehouses. By monitoring weight fluctuations on shelves, users can determine what items need to be restocked and reordered—and when.
  • Real-time data on package location and condition—IoT sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons capture granular data that tells users the real-time location and condition of every parcel regardless of the method of transport. The tracking technology also monitors temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions that can affect product quality. Clear visibility into where a package or shipping container is and how it’s being handled along the way is critical to improving quality control and reducing damage and spoilage.
  • Monitoring of delivery routes—When delivery trucks are stuck in congested traffic, it’s difficult to guarantee timely delivery. IoT addresses this problem by monitoring traffic patterns and providing drivers with data to optimize their delivery routes.
  • More efficient problem solving—IoT-driven shipping technology provides alerts when shipments breach SLAs or unexpected problems occur. Users can access dashboards and reports that tell what’s happening at an enterprise-wide or single package level.
By bringing greater predictability and control into the shipping process, IoT parcel tracking is reducing waste, saving money and improving customer satisfaction—and fueling the growth of e-commerce as the preferred method of shopping for millions of buyers.

To see some of the latest IoT-driven shipping technology, visit the IoT Marketplace at https://iot.ingrammicro.com. To learn more about how to help your customers implement parcel tracking, contact us at us.iot@ingrammicro.com.


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