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IoT innovation on display

June 03, 2019

IoT innovation on display
A discussion with Ingram Micro’s vendor business manager of IoT at the Business Transformation Center
Caitlin Schneider, Ingram Micro’s vendor business manager of IoT, is responsible for onboarding emerging IoT vendors to Ingram Micro and managing their business once they’re on board. We spoke to her about the IoT vendors she works with, several of which are featured in the Business Transformation Center (BTC), and what’s most exciting to her in her job.
What is the BTC? 
The BTC, located on Ingram Micro’s Buffalo, N.Y., campus, is a unique facility where IT vendors can showcase their latest technology and where channel partners and their customers as well as Ingram Micro associates can see this technology in action in real-life business scenarios.

The BTC showcases solutions for retail, healthcare, education and other verticals alongside Ingram Micro’s data center. Visitors experience firsthand how the technology can help them achieve specific business outcomes, transform their operations and create new opportunities in the digital age.
What’s the connection between IoT and the BTC?
The Internet of Things is one of the key areas of digital transformation being showcased at the BTC. Visitors have the opportunity to see some of the hottest IoT-driven solutions and what they can accomplish. It’s all based on the premise that the “promise of technology” isn’t about the technology itself but rather the impact it can have on business.
Which IoT vendors are currently showcased in the BTC?

We’re adding new solutions and vendors all the time. The vendors with solutions currently on display include:

  • Buddy, a leader in IoT and cloud-based technology for utility monitoring in buildings—We currently have a Buddy system set up in our BTC. It’s being used to monitor temperature and humidity in our data center, which is essential to preventing equipment failures caused by changes in the environment.
  • Roambee, an innovator in IoT-driven solutions for shipment tracking and asset monitoring—This company offers a full end-to-end solution, so it’s a great place to start for companies that are looking to integrate shipment tracking and asset monitoring into their operations. Roambee handheld devices, which integrate with the company’s proprietary reporting dashboard can be used in a variety of verticals—from retail to shipping to healthcare.
  • Chargifi, the maker of smart charging stations—This includes a wireless station for smartphones that holds great appeal for hotels and restaurants.
Other vendors currently onboard include TIBCO Software, specialists in data analytics solutions that serve as a real-time platform for better decision-making, and Link Labs/AirFinder, another innovator in asset tracking and monitoring with multiple connectivity options.
What excites me about working with emerging vendors like these is the possibilities are literally endless. Once you start with an idea, like asset tracking for example, you begin thinking of all kinds of applications and lots of new directions you can take it in. “What if?” has become my new favorite phrase.
How can customers engage with the BTC?
Customers can email our team at btc@ingrammicro.com or reach out to their Ingram Micro representative. Either way, a visit to the BTC is a great opportunity to see IoT in action and explore its potential for your business.