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How smart city IoT technology can improve the community response to COVID-19

February 23, 2021

How smart city IoT technology can improve the community response to COVID-19
Necessity is the mother of adoption? In the midst of a pandemic, that just might be the case. The need for effective solutions to meet new problems has paved the way for cities to embrace something that has been available for quite some time: smart city IoT technology. The benefits of a smart city promise to make our lives easier at a time when nothing seems easy, which has many cities rushing to implement tools that once seemed like an indulgence. Here are a few ways smart city IoT technology is helping communities respond to challenges presented by COVID-19.

Contactless payments
Any technology that helps us reduce physical touchpoints during a pandemic is an automatic win, especially for something as ubiquitous as in-person payment for goods and services. And while mobile payments and contactless payment technology isn’t new, widespread implementation is and has the ability to be truly impactful. And in most modern cities today, the option to make contactless payments is now available seemingly everywhere.
Contactless delivery
This technology has truly changed so many lives by allowing them to shop for anything they need, right from the comfort of their home. Contactless delivery services and apps have made the risky behavior of venturing out to buy groceries or pick up fast food no longer necessary. Some apps even allow users to communicate directly with the delivery person, which is great for last-minute changes or if they get lost on their way to their destination.
Disease-tracking software
It’s estimated that 5 billion people in the world today own mobile phones, and half of those are smartphones. Since most people carry their phones with them when they leave their home, this presents a golden opportunity to aid in COVID-19 contact tracing. Software developers are creating programs that can track smartphone location for the sole purpose of helping contact tracers pinpoint where those who test positive for the virus have been. They can then use that information to determine who they’ve potentially exposed to COVID-19 and contact and test those people. This technology, and other benefits of smart cities, present a truly revolutionary way for communities everywhere to fight the spread of the virus.
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