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Discover the potential of IoT smart spaces

August 04, 2021

Discover the potential of IoT smart spaces
IoT is everywhere—literally and figuratively as it’s both a ubiquitous technology and a word that’s seemingly on everyone’s lips these days. But like so many buzz words, the meaning often gets lost. So what is IoT, and why is it so important? IoT stands for the Internet of Things, a phrase referring to the growing number of devices that are now connected to the Internet. Kitchen appliances, cars, thermostats and surveillance cameras are a few examples of devices that can now actively share and collect data online. And why is IoT so important? Because of what it can do—the massive amount of data IoT devices now produce daily is staggering, but it’s the application of that data that is truly exciting.
Where IoT is deployed
For us to really understand the importance of IoT to the present and the future of business (and life as we know it), let’s focus on some more tangible real-world examples of how businesses are employing it today. Many companies are leveraging IoT devices and their data to create smart buildings or smart spaces. These high-tech buildings gather data from sensors spread throughout their architecture and then turn that data into actionable information that can improve the health, work and safety of everyone who works there. Air quality monitoring, physical asset tracking, light monitoring, occupancy tracking and smart evacuation technology are just a few examples of smart building IoT tech already in use today. Light monitoring and occupancy tracking is especially popular because they can save companies money by automatically reducing power output in certain areas when they detect no one is there. 
Go fourth
IoT is seen by many as being central to the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. While the third industrial revolution was a digital revolution and saw the rise of robots and digital devices, Industry 4.0 is all about innovative ways to leverage machine learning, AI, nanotechnology quantum computing, IoT and others for the betterment of humanity. When we think of the daunting challenges facing the world in the 21st Century (population explosion, scarcity of water, food production, climate change), feasible global solutions seem far-fetched, or at least they used to. With IoT’s ability to track and share data in real time from resources like water supply, agricultural output, weather sensors, combined with technology like AI and machine learning, those global solutions seem more within reach than ever. And this is only the beginning.
If you and your customers don’t want to fall behind in the fourth industrial revolution, investing in IoT now is a must. For questions about anything IoT related, you can email us.iot@ingrammicro.com or visit our IoT site for more information.