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5G: The IoT future for all of us

Mrinalini Lakshminarayanan, Executive Director, Global Product Management, Ingram Micro

March 24, 2022

5G: The IoT future for all of us

At Ingram Micro we are advocates for the power of 5G. We see its growing value in delivering the most powerful IoT applications to customers who are more than ready to rid themselves of issues like tedious latency, unreliability and glacial speeds. 5G is the driving force in IoT business growth for not only our channel partners but the industrial companies who will produce the elements that bring 5G to life.

Qualcomm recently introduced its 5G Private Network Partner Ecosystem Program. We’re pleased to be named as an inaugural partner in this exciting initiative and to use our global leadership and expertise in channel partner enablement, as well as our market-ready solutions and vendor ecosystem, to advance the adoption of 5G private networks.

Share in the value

The market for 5G and 5G-powered IoT applications is virtually limitless. Estimates are that

sales enablement in the 5G economy will total $13 trillion by 2035. A projected 22.8 million jobs will be generated, and it will contribute 10.8% of global GDP.

The low power draw and ability to operate in both the unlicensed and licensed spectrums opens the door to use cases in everything from helping students get accessible education, to providing healthcare directly to a patient, to improving emergency response times.

We’ve only begun to harness the power of 5G. Being able to deploy private 5G networks gives both large enterprises and the SMB market the opportunity to future-proof their businesses with customized control over network use and budget. They can innovate without having to wait for new ideas to come from external networks.

Right now, there are about 14.7 billion IoT devices and more are arriving every day. The innovation cycle is not sustainable with 4G. When we talk to partners about growing your IoT business we’re saying 5G is IoT’s future. It can enable far greater density, has better throughput and reliability, and runs with a standard that it should support one million devices in a square kilometer.

The common denominator for your wireless customers needing to expand to serve the addressable market for mobile systems or services, or your industrial customers wanting to improve production by using mobile networks, is 5G. It is a market on the cusp of extraordinary expansion with room for plenty of opportunities for our channel partners to offer their customers 5G expertise and innovation.

Enabling 5G growth

Ingram Micro has developed a program called the Connect Sessions to provide a two-hour course on key 5G topics. It has eight modules that run sequentially and cover infrastructure, services, use cases and demand generation and marketing. The sessions are a great way to consider all the elements and to begin thinking about how you can further incorporate 5G-related services into your revenue stream.

One of the main purposes of 5G will be to support improved and expanded use of IoT in the private and public sectors. Our IoT Resource Library has extensive information on solutions and services and provides use cases in a variety of applications and market sectors.

Please take a moment to also check out our new IoT Center of Excellence. It is a stunning interactive experience showcasing the latest innovations and may inspire you to try the IoT Lab and design the next IoT breakthrough.

At Ingram Micro, we continue to support our channel partners with our extensive inventory of services and solutions to help you grow your business. We hope you will use all our resources and join us in growing the 5G-powered IoT market.