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5 technologies businesses need to reopen safely

January 25, 2021

5 technologies businesses need to reopen safely

The recent pandemic has forced everyone to alter their daily routines, businesses included. And while many companies have shuttered due to government restrictions, there are plenty that remain open or will reopen soon. For them the question remains, how can they reopen safely in a time when we can’t be near fellow employees or touch commonly used surfaces? Thankfully, many current and new enterprise technologies are being leveraged to address these challenges. Here are five must-have technologies businesses can use to reopen safely:

  1. Thermal cameras - Taking temperatures at entrances to buildings is now commonplace, but doing this by hand requires direct contact and needless risk of disease transmission. How do thermal cameras work? The cameras work with AI and cloud technology to deliver an automated, contactless way to screen building entrants. Because the camera technology is much faster than manual temperature taking, this can reduce wait times and avoid bottlenecks which will make social distancing easier at building entry points.
  1. GPS tracking - The applications for software in a pandemic era are numerous; however, certain programs and apps are creating new possibilities when it comes to contact tracing efforts. Businesses can now track employee locations via GPS installed on smartphones. In the event of a positive test, a company can then review GPS records and determine who else an infected employee had close contact with and thus aid contact tracing efforts.
  1. NFC - Near-field communication (NFC) isn’t a new technology, but it’s a potentially powerful one. The most common application most people are familiar with is mobile payments on smartphones or ID badges for keyless entry. But today, NFC is also being used to create more contactless work environments. Being able to securely enter a building or pay for food in a cafeteria without touching anything is a must today. And new applications for NFC, like summoning elevators or booking meeting rooms, are being implemented in the workplace every day as companies return to the office.
  1. Facial recognition - Another way companies are facilitating secure contactless building entry and contact tracing is facial recognition technology. This requires high resolution cameras paired with specific software (including AI) to enable companies to automate when and how employees enter and exit. It also automates the logging of these events, which can later be used in the case of contact tracing. Implementing facial recognition can also free up security personnel for other tasks, thus maximizing employee potential.
  1. Wearables – Social distancing is a challenge for any company returning to the office today. Even with rotating staff schedules and tight restrictions, the chance of employees getting too close still exists. Some companies are meeting this challenge by requiring employees to use wearable devices (smartwatches, lanyards, etc.). These wearables are equipped with software capable of alerting employees with a “beep” or other prompt if they get too close to one another. Companies could also keep a log of these events to aid contact tracing or even discipline if repeat offenses occur.
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