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4 main benefits your customers should know about Industry 4.0

How connected machines are manufacturing change in the digital age

June 14, 2022

4 main benefits your customers should know about Industry 4.0
Factory workers who don’t know where tools and materials are located can slow or even stop a production line. It’s one of the many practical problems the industrial internet of things (IIOT) can solve for your customers in real time with smart devices that modernize, digitize and connect industry processes. The outcome is a more agile, efficient and productive operation across manufacturing sectors. You can call it Industry 4.0.

What is Industry 4.0?

Historically, Industry 4.0 represents the fourth wave of the industrial revolution, picking up steam where the third industrial revolution left off. It takes us from the rise of computing in the mid-twentieth century to the advanced and integrated industry solutions of today, such as automation, remote monitoring and asset tracking, often managed via simple mobile apps.
How does Industry 4.0 work?
Beyond knowing where tools and materials are located to help improve inventory management and eliminate line stoppages, Industry 4.0 knows how they are. Smart sensors analyze vibration and temperature parameters across disparate machines to detect if machines are operating abnormally—and relay that information to one centralized command center—so customers can take preventative action instead of reacting to an unexpected breakdown.
Who does Industry 4.0 help?
The truth is IIOT can track more than just things. Using individual smart badges, Industry 4.0 monitors employee movements for safety, security and planning purposes. Geofencing keeps employees away from dangerous zones, while location tracking allows employees to be found quickly during an emergency. Understanding employee routes also helps identify inefficiencies in floor design, for a more productive factory down to the footsteps.
Why should your customers make the change to Industry 4.0?

Here are the 4 key benefits of your customers upgrading their facilities and networks to Industry 4.0:
  • Increase efficiency—streamline operations by connecting different machines to a common network to easily monitor performance, automate functions and gather valuable data-driven insights
  • Reduce cost—predictive maintenance through machine temperature and vibration monitoring reduces errors and directs routine maintenance in a cost-effective and proactive manner
  • Protect assets—connecting critical infrastructure to an up-to-date and integrated network keeps operational environments resilient against the escalating threat of sophisticated cyberattacks
  • Track resources and employees—real-time monitoring drives a more efficient inventory system and keeps employees safe
Why choose IoT and Ingram Micro?
Ingram Micro offers partners the expertise and comprehensive portfolio of resources to strategically bring Industry 4.0 solutions to market for a wide variety of verticals. Contact our team of solution specialists today to learn more about how we can guide your customers’ digital transformation.
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