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3 ways extended reality is making a real impact for businesses

June 14, 2022

3 ways extended reality is making a real impact for businesses
Innovative new extended reality (XR) technologies, paired with hundreds of industry-specific applications, are revolutionizing the way we work, learn and interact with customers and co-workers alike.
While standard remote and hybrid work communication tools like 2D video conferencing, instant messaging and email have helped overcome certain challenges of social distancing posed by COVID-19, these tools have their own limitations when it comes to experiential engagement. Overcoming those limitations can be the difference in getting a customer from “no” to “yes.”
3 important benefits of going 3D with XR
XR holds vast potential to open up new worlds of business opportunity that are only going to grow larger. Here are 3 big reasons to get excited about the power of going 3D with XR:
  1. Reduced operational costs—visual learning effectively trains new employees on their own, improves learning outcomes and streamlines onboarding
  2. Increased productivity—contextual visual annotations and remote assistance help employees collaborate and accomplish tasks quicker and more accurately
  3. Improved customer experiences—being able to visualize different configurations of products or services throughout the buying process instills confidence and increases customer conversion rates
Why choose Ingram Micro?
We help businesses imagine what’s possible. Ingram Micro offers partners the expertise and comprehensive portfolio of resources to successfully bring cutting-edge XR technologies to market for a wide variety of verticals. Chat with our team of solution specialists to learn more about how we can take your customers’ digital transformation to the next dimension.
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