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Top strategies to help SMBs cut cost and boost efficiency

February 05, 2020

Top strategies to help SMBs cut cost and boost efficiency
Today’s digital marketplaces are as competitive as they’ve ever been, so any advantage or way to boost efficiency can make all the difference for an SMB. But are there really proven ways to reliably save on important items like headcount and bottom line? The short answer is yes. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways SMBs can save.
Refreshing hardware
Whether it be servers, workstations or even mobile devices, upgrading hardware can help an SMB save dramatically. That’s because newer devices aren’t just more powerful and robust, they’re also far more efficient. This means they use less power and are cheaper to heat or cool. Extrapolate that over the size of a large data center, and the savings could be significant.
Refreshing software
Like hardware, updating older software solutions can potentially help SMBs save big on licensing and support. Most modern applications now have subscription models, so clients are always up to date with the latest software version. This allows for overall better performance since updates and patches are regularly released to deal with any known software bugs. And many times, support is built in to those subscription models so SMBs won’t get stuck paying extra for support when something isn’t working.
Consolidating licenses
Another mistake many SMBs make is by either overspending or underspending on software licenses, which lead to unnecessary additional costs in the long run. One way to help consolidate licenses is through tools like Ingram Micro’s RenewVue portal, which allows both resellers and SMBs to login and view their current license agreements. Tools like this make it easy to renew vital applications and to cancel unnecessary licenses so SMBs only pay for what they need.
Even though refreshing infrastructure and licenses can ultimately help save money, the upfront costs can be a potential obstacle for an SMB. Companies are often unaware that a) helpful financing options are available and b) upgrading today can help them cut costs both now and in the future. Plus, financing can help consolidate financial obligations into a single payment, making the whole process simpler and less stressful.
Talk with an expert
Did you know that Ingram Micro provides all of the above services (and more) for SMBs? In fact, having our knowledgeable reps perform an assessment is one of the best ways for SMBs to avoid overspending. An Ingram Micro Technical Consultant (TC) can even perform on-site inspections to gain a thorough understanding of the right upgrade plan for a client’s needs. If you’re interested or have questions about SMB savings, contact your Ingram Micro sales representative for more details.