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Tech recap: Our top 6 blog tips of the year

December 20, 2019

Tech recap: Our top 6 blog tips of the year

From extended reality and GPU blogs to expert podcasts and Q&As, we’ve covered a ton of cool tech talk over the last several months. Today, we highlight and link you to our favorites.

Our coolest blog topics of the year:

1) Predicting the future of GPUs
What’s up with the oddball GPU marketplace? Unlike other ubiquitous, everyday technologies, there are only 2 major players when it comes to GPU suppliers. Sure, there are minor players and “board partners” (contracted to purchase, modify and resell units), but the market is certainly dominated by 2 companies.
Is the world of GPU about to be disrupted? Will another player emerge? Will outputs change? Our experts weigh in.
2) Demystifying the blurred lines of XR
What does extended reality (XR) really mean? Why are marketers pushing this term? Will the lines of true and false reality soon be seamlessly blurred? Our experts have strong opinions on the matter. Read how we get real about extended reality.
3) Making a case for a data center upgrade
IT staffs around the world agree on one thing—getting a CTO to agree on a large, upfront investment requires a large miracle. That especially rings true with data center upgrades. The transition into a new ecosystem often has management wondering why they’re scrapping perfectly functional hardware only to buy more. 
Thanks to more predictable ROI, leasing options and cloud strategies, it’s now a little easier to make a business case for data center upgrades. Check out the blog to make your case.
4) Podcast: IoT in education
Okay, this is a podcast, not a full blog. But it was cool to sit down with an IoT expert to explore IoT in education. Give it a listen.
5) How to be a legacy IT whisperer
Want to make an IT pro cry? Ask them about their most catastrophic system failure story. They all have one. Like any good story, it’ll surely involve drama, suspense, tears, finger-pointing, back-stabbing and, hopefully, resolution.
Not only do our IT experts have their own stories, but they’ve also heard ’em all from customers. Do you have legacy IT infrastructure? Read how to mitigate such risks and have happier stories to tell.
6) Q&A: How I neurotically built my home data center
We sat down with one of our own IT pros to ask how he built his home data center. We found out it’s not all about speeds, feeds or spending the most money. We quickly learned that a true expert knows exactly how to invest less money—without sacrificing performance.